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The RefreshinQ Co introduces The Never Quit Collection

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The RefreshinQ Co is bringing to market The Never Quit Collection, a new bundle of workout products from Ritzman Pharmacies Inc that was ‘specially formulated to support the fitness recovery needs of triathletes, CrossFitters, or anyone needing a recovery boost’. The company claims that the collection can help shorten recovery time, support energy levels and boost athletic performance.

The Never Quit Collection consists of the following products:

  • New & Improved Workout & Recovery Pack – These easy-to-use pre-and post-workout packs aim to offer a simple solution for the entire cycle of a workout. The pack’s blend of vitamins and supplements is designed to offer the ingredients needed before a workout to help increase performance. The post-workout pack is positioned as a ‘one stop shop’ for all recovery needs: inflammation support, muscle repair, and joint support.
  • Muscle Relief Cream – Offering cooling relief for joint and muscle pain without the stickiness or strong smell of typical muscle rubs, ‘this science-based muscle recovery cream contains menthol, arnica, aloe, tea tree oil, and a blend of vitamins.’
  • Power PaQ Drink Mix –This electrolyte replacement drink can replenish what’s lost after a strenuous workout. It’s an all-natural and non-GMO drink mix with vitamins and minerals to help raise energy levels, boost the immune system and replenish electrolytes.




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