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The Sufferfest rebrands gym and studio program as SUF Cycling

The Sufferfest, creator of a comprehensive indoor cycling app and training videos for individual and group use, has announced the rebrand of its indoor cycling programme for gyms and studios as SUF Cycling. The rebrand includes a new logo, updated workout videos, and a full suite of marketing assets designed to appeal to a broader population of fitness enthusiasts.

“Since we first launched our Sufferlandrian Embassy programme in 2014, we’ve grown into a global community of over 160 gyms and studios who use our cycling videos to provide their members with the most exciting, effective, and fun indoor cycling experience available,” said David McQuillen, CEO of The Sufferfest and SUF Cycling.

He continued, “SUF Cycling features the same effective workouts designed by elite coaches, driving soundtracks, engaging storylines, and exclusive race footage that helped The Sufferfest build such a huge following. The new brand identity is more approachable and less intimidating to those who may not be avid cyclists. This allows gyms and studios to attract members of all fitness levels and backgrounds to experience everything that SUF Cycling has to offer.”

The SUF Cycling library of 48 video-based workouts across nine categories uses real footage of some of the biggest professional races – including the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia, World Championships, and more – as well as ‘epic rides along the most picturesque roads in Europe to keep riders engaged, entertained, and coming back for more.’

“SUF Cycling is about using real rides to get real results,” says Ben Keenan, Commercial Director at SUF Cycling and owner of his own SUF Cycling studio. “We put members in the middle of the action to create an immersive, visually-captivating indoor cycling experience. Every session is designed by the same people who train professional cyclists and Olympic athletes. This isn’t just a bunch of random efforts synced to a playlist. This is cutting-edge sports science that gets results.”

Every SUF Cycling session includes detailed, on-screen instructions to guide members through the entire workout. Interval countdown timers, cadence targets, and recommended effort indicators are all displayed, with audio cues to alert members exactly when to change efforts. The easy-to-follow format gives gyms and studios the option of running virtual classes without an instructor, ‘allowing greater flexibility in scheduling to better meet the needs of clients and maximize revenue.’




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