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The Sufferfest releases Strength Training for Cyclists programme

The Sufferfest, the comprehensive training app for cyclists and triathletes, has released its Strength Training for Cyclists programme. Created in collaboration with APEX Coaching and fully integrated into a suite of training plans, the 22-video, 97 exercise programme uses a ‘series of bodyweight-based routines to help build functional strength and directly improve performance on the bike.’

“Cyclists can see tremendous benefits by adding strength work to their training,” said Coach Mac Cassin, Coach & Cycling Physiologist at APEX Coaching. “But few know where to start. It’s confusing, frustrating, and can be difficult to properly add the right strength exercises to a training routine. The Sufferfest Strength Training Programme changes that with an easy-to-follow progression that allows the body to adapt, builds functional strength, and properly integrates with on-the-bike workouts.”

Included with subscriptions to The Sufferfest app, the Strength Training for Cyclists programme guides athletes through a 24-week schedule of video-based routines that help to build power and endurance, enhance balance and stability, and reduce the likelihood of injury. There are two levels – beginner and intermediate – which can be added to many of The Sufferfest training plans for road, triathlon, cyclocross, and mountain biking.



The Sufferfest adds that the programme requires no equipment apart from a mat, a couple of water bottles and a chair.

“To unlock your potential as a cyclist you need to do more than just ride,” said David McQuillen, CEO of The Sufferfest. “We wanted to make it easy for time-crunched cyclists to use strength training to improve their cycling and get the most out of the limited time they have to train. The addition of Strength Training to our existing library of cycling, yoga and mental toughness workouts truly makes The Sufferfest the one-stop app for athletes who want the most advanced, complete training platform possible.”




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