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Time for the bike trainer, as Hammer Series rolled out on Kinomap

Ramping up the continued momentum around indoor cycling, the Hammer Series on Kinomap started this week. The new offering allows cycling fans to compete at Hammer Series races through simulated outdoor footage.

Hammer Series, the pro cycling race series staged by Velon and Infront, which features many of the top teams in the world, has been streaming its races this live year via social media. With Kinomap, the objective set by Infront is to make the Hammer Series live again but indoors and during the autumnl/winter training season across the northern hemisphere.

Velon’s pro cycling teams will be part of the event as ‘participants have to ride and give credit of their points to their favourite teams as reported on the leaderboard.’

The Hammer Series on Kinomap currently features footage from Stavanger in Norway – with three main videos:

Other videos are being released on the platform. Athletes can also register for the ‘Hammer Series on Kinomap’ multiplayer challenges to compete against others and have a chance of winning prizes.

9-11 November 2018: Hammer Stavanger Challenge on Kinomap:
Hammer Climb / 17 km / 366 m elevation (2 laps)
Hammer Sprint /18.5 km / 220m elevation (2 laps)
Hammer Chase 16 km / 87 m elevation (1 lap)

14-16 December 2018: Hammer Limburg Challenge on Kinomap:
Hammer Climb / 14 km / 354 m elevation (2 laps)
Hammer Sprint / 24 km / 120 m elevation (2 laps)
Hammer Chase / 12 km / 60 m elevation (1 lap)

25-27 January 2019: Hammer Hong Kong Challenge on Kinomap:
Hammer Sprint (details TBC)
Hammer Chase (details TBC)

Kinomap is billed as the world’s first video-sharing platform to offer live-action videos synchronized with corresponding maps. As at October 2018, the site features over 80,000 miles of video courses, enabling users to train on pre-recorded, geo-located outdoor routes with accompanying route maps.

Additionally, users can monitor their progress, compare their performance with other athletes, and compete with the Kinomap community using the multiplayer feature.

The Hammer Series had its inaugural race in Limburg, Netherlands on 2-4 June 2017. The Hammer Series was created by Infront in partnership with Velon. Infront is responsible for media and sponsorship sales on an international basis. Furthermore, it is handling the event together with Velon – as well as undertaking brand management for the entire event series. An integral part of this joint collaboration was also the ‘strategic concept and development of the Hammer Series with its new and attractive race format.’




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