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‘time to’: new experience and registration platform for A.S.O. events

Time to - new website experience from ASO

‘time to’ is the new point of entry for A.S.O. organised events. Starting this month, from Wednesday April 11th, Tour de France owner A.S.O. notes that the ‘time to platform will ‘allow everyone to be accompanied in their sporting challenge from start to finish.’

Replacing its asochallenges.com site with timeto.com, A.S.O. is offering website visitors enriched information, registration in a few clicks and preparation support for the company’s diverse selection of events. These include: L’Étape du Tour, Roc d’Azur, Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, Adidas 10K Paris, The Mud Day, Run My City and Run in Mont Saint-Michel.

A release from A.S.O. notes that ‘time to means that it is time to discover, enter, experience, experiment, dare, play and challenge. The objective of this new web platform is to offer a seamless experience, from the initial event search, through registration, preparation, the race itself, and finally, the celebration.

  • Finding the right event: from a smartphone, tablet or computer, runners, cyclists or adventurers can find the event that best corresponds to their expectations and wishes. They will also access all the information they need to adequately take on this new challenge.
  • Registration in just a few clicks: registering is being made easier as a participant will now be able to register in just a few clicks and on all devices (computer, tablet, smartphone). Soon managing forms will be done digitally, in particular for medical certificates, parental authorizations or proofs of performance.
  • Train and prepare: this new platform opens access to preparation and tips, but also registration to training sessions adapted for the events. It also makes group registration easier and offers the possibility to be a team captain to manage team mates and hurry them along if necessary.
  • Enjoy privileges: the ‘time to’ experience is full of promotional opportunities offered by the event partners – from the Mud Day Pays d’Aix to the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, while not overlooking the Roc d’Azur and L’Étape du Tour.

A runner’s first experience on the time to platform might be their registration for the 2019 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris with an special entry fee of €89. The special offer begins on April 12 and concludes on April 30.



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