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‘To Make Riders Faster’ tells Vroomen-White-Design story of Cervélo brand

A unique business-biography coffee-table book, ‘To Make Riders Faster’, is expected to appeal to cyclists, triathletes, designers, engineers and entrepreneurs. The book chronicles the challenges Phil White and Gerard Vroomen overcame and the risks that were involved to achieve their vision and develop the Cervélo bike brand.

‘To Make Riders Faster’ is an entrepreneurial tale of how two young engineering students ‘defied convention and established themselves as pioneers of the cycling industry’. The young engineers’ desire to embrace the science of aerodynamics and break away from tradition led them to create Cervélo – one of the most respected brands in the industry.



Cervélo Cycles was created in 1995 when two engineers, Phil White and Gérard Vroomen, decided to market their work developing faster time-trial bikes. Having been involved in bicycle and human-powered vehicle design since 1986, they started their bike design from scratch when a top-ranked Italian pro cyclist approached Gérard to design the fastest possible time-trial bike for him.

Cervélo bicycles have since been ridden to victory in many of the world’s most prestigious races in both cycling and triathlon, from the Tour de France to the Olympic Games and the IRONMAN World Championships. To this day, Cervélo is ridden by many of the world’s top riders including the GB Cycling team, and consistently leads the ‘Kona bike count’ as a preferred brand of the world’s top triathletes at the IRONMAN World Championships.

Anna Dopico, author of ‘To Make Riders Faster’, tells the story of how, in less than a decade, she ‘watched two university students who lived like paupers working out of her basement and garage, build a great bicycle and go on to become worldwide industry leaders, only to face the fight of their lives to keep their company alive.’

Dopico tells the inside story of Cervélo through not only words, but also ‘beautifully rendered photography and inspiring quotes.’




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