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Tomi Misser and Orbea Factory Team giving insider view on MTB


The Orbea Factory Team was founded nearly two years ago with two core objectives. First, to enable insights into the MTB category and give Orbea an insider’s view of cycling; and second, ‘to share a ton of experiences with the Orbea community.’

Tomás (Tomi) Misser has renewed his contract with the Orbea Factory Team ‘for the next few years and will continue to share what it’s like and give us an insider’s view of cycling.’

Misser is for many a name all his own in the world of MTB, who over more than 30 years has been dedicated to every aspect of off-road cycling. He has competed in practically every discipline, from downhill, cyclocross and stage marathons to avalanches and ‘every type of enduro imaginable’.

“This renewal will consolidate our relationship as well as the Orbea Factory Team,” says Orbea Marketing Department Manager Ander Olariaga. “Tomi gives us a lot in categories where the profile of the rest of our partners can’t go, such as in cyclocross and enduro, as well as the enthusiasm he has for everything he does.”

Tomi Misser said “I’m really pleased with it all, with the bikes, the people. What I’m looking for is to show what cycling is like on the inside, to have fun and enjoy myself. I’m doing all this with Orbea.”

Tomi Misser’s impressive list of achievements includes 14 Spanish Championships, two European Championships, two second-place finishes at the World Championship, two third-place finishes in the overall classification at the World Cup, partial victories in the World Cup, Leader in the 1996 UCI ranking, M35 World Championship, 35 DH Master Championship in 2009, World Master 40 XC runner-up in 2014 and World Master 40 DH Championship in 2015.

Tomi Misser continued, “I have a lot of fun with everything I’ve done so far, but it is time to reinvent myself. I want to do things that are not as well known, to put it like that, to explain the limits that have not been explained and for people to enjoy themselves along with me. Showing them even more what it’s like, how things are done on the inside, how we approach everything we do. This way, people will also learn a lot.”

Orbea’s Ander Olariaga added, “We’re going to surprise people. The calendar might be less active in terms of races, but it will be much more spectacular. We’ll also take a close up look at the shops and sector trade fairs where you can test the product. Those who come to the dDemo experiences can pedal alongside [Tomi].”

As a little sneak-peek at what the next year has in store for the Orbea Factory Team rider, the documentary ‘I am Tomi Misser’ will premiere on his YouTube channel.



Orbea adds that ‘In the documentary, Tomi reviews his entire life on a bike, along the people and places that are closest to him. His sports career, his milestones as a competitor, what lies behind his successes… in short, the life of our rider and his passion for cycling.’

Orbea is part of the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation and is Spain’s largest bicycle operator. Orbea bike frames are manufactured in Asia and finished in Spain – with the brand shipped worldwide.

In 2011, Orbea further cemented its relationship with Orca – the wetsuit and apparel tri brand. Heralding from New Zealand, Orca is part of the Orbea family – with Orbea and Orca reaching an agreement in 2011 for Spanish Orbea to acquire Orca’s ‘operation rights in the triathlon and compression area.’ This deal gave Orbea global rights to the Orca brand, following ‘four years of fruitful relations’ between the two companies.



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