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TriStar Fujairah expands the reborn TriStar series

TriStar Fujairah in UAE - rider

Having returned to the market in 2017, with TriStar Rorschach – in the border region where Switzerland, Germany and Austria meet – the series in back in 2018 with TriStar Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates now joining the Rorschach event, and a third event in the pipeline to be announced in the coming weeks.

Taking place on 23 March 2018, TriStar Fujairah in the UAE offers Indian Ocean open water swimming, an ‘undulating power sapping bike course with some steep climbs nestled among the Hajar mountains & along the coast line offering a unique experience unlike any seen before in UAE.’

The host venue is the Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort in Fujairah. In addition to the Indian Ocean swim and undulating roads through the Hajjar mountains, the event offers a steep Al Khulaybiyah climb up to the al Thayybah plateau, a scenic ride along the Dibba Fujairah seaside, followed by a fast run course

The characteristics of the TriStar bike courses (where more time is generally spent in the saddle than on foot) should show a hilly and challenging course for TriStar Fujairah, leading through imposing scenery in the Emirate.

Together with TriStar’s local event partner SuperSports, the organising team note that they have ‘evaluated a course which is typical for a TriStar race and have found the perfect region in the eastern part of the UAE’. Varying TriStar distance formats will be on offer in Fujairah (111K, 55.5K, 33.3K and 11.1K).

A TriStar spokesperson added, “The fascination and growth of cycling and mass participation events in the Middle East will allow ‘different’ triathlon formats such as the TriStar formats to provide beginners a smooth entrance to the world of triathlon.”

TriStar Fujairah in UAE - host venue
TriStar Fujairah in UAE - run
TriStar Fujairah in UAE - bike

In 2017, TriStar was restarted with ‘new partners, a new concept and a somewhat more down-to-earth feel’. On the weekend of 2-3 September 2017, the relaunch event took place in Rorschach, a municipality in Switzerland on the south side of Lake Constance. The town is in the border region of Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Going forwards, the TriStar team have decided to rely on strong, local partners in the implementation of the event and to use a licence structure. The medium-term plan is to expand into different countries and to be internationally active from 2020. The TriStar format with its 55.5 and 111 km distance disciplines is recognised by the International Triathlon Union (ITU).

After selling IRONMAN Klagenfurt, Georg Hochegger founded the TriStar brand in 2009. In the short period of time from 2010 to 2012 TriStar grew rapidly, with a total of 25 events being held with over 30,000 athletes in Europe, the Caribbean and North and South America.




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