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Ultra Trail Mont Blanc – UTMB BAR from OVERSTIM.s

Since 2010, French sports nutrition brand OVERSTIM.s has been a partner of the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB), which is arguably the biggest event in the trail running world calendar. To celebrate this partnership, the nutrition firm has now unveiled a new UTMB BAR.

Produced by OVERSTIM.s, the company notes that the UTMB BAR… ‘reflects its values: healthy, tasty and effective energy.’ The bar is made with organic ingredients and ‘superfoods known for their nutritional value’.

100% vegan and gluten-free, the nutrition company adds that the bar’s soft texture makes it especially enjoyable to consume during a sporting activity. Priced at €13.80 for a box of six bars, there are three flavour variants to choose from:

  • Cocoa beans – Cashew nuts
  • Mango – Ginger – Turmeric
  • Blueberries – Almonds – Vanilla

Having recently reaffirmed its commitment to cycling with a French Cycling Federation partnership, OVERSTIM.s adds that it has been well-established in trail running for a number of years. It supports other trail events such as Transgrancanaria and the Hong Kong 100 – international events part of the Ultra Trail World Tour.

Created in France in 1982, OVERSTIM.s notes that it offers a wide range of qualitative, innovative and digestible products (more than 350 references available, including organic, gluten free, and savoury versions), with the aim of ‘meeting every athletes’ needs’.




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