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USA Cycling partners with NormaTec on athlete recovery


USA Cycling and NormaTec have partnered to bring NormaTec’s high-tech athlete recovery systems to USA Cycling. The partnership will make NormaTec Recovery Systems available to the USA Cycling Elite Athletics teams, non-National Team athletes, and coaches for enhanced recovery benefits and performance research.

NormaTec will also activate at four National Championship Cycling events, providing on-site NormaTec PULSE recovery massage sessions.

“Normatec has been used by a number of athletes in our USA Cycling programs for many years,” said Scott Schnitzspahn, Vice President of Elite Athletics for USA Cycling. “This broader relationship brings Normatec’s well-established compression technology into our larger partnership family and allows more athletes to be introduced to it as an aid in their recovery.”

The NormaTec PULSE Series Recovery Systems use patented compression technology to help athletes recover. Using NormaTec can increase circulation, and reduce pain and soreness. USA Cycling adds that athletes, coaches and sports medicine professionals have cited a correlation between proper recovery with a reduction in injuries, and a boost in performance.

“USA Cycling is an incredible organization with a very diverse spectrum of specialties, and it is an honour to partner with them,” said Gilad Jacobs, CEO of NormaTec. “From endurance cycling like road racing, to the focused precision of BMX competitions, NormaTec will be a strong asset to help the teams excel and have an edge leading into some fierce competitions on the horizon.”

USA Cycling is currently preparing for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo with events including track, road, BMX and mountain biking. Adding NormaTec’s technology to the team’s protocols puts them amongst the 97% of pro teams and many other Olympic teams who currently rely on the NormaTec PULSE Series for rehab and recovery benefits.



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