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USAT prepared to support members affected by California wildfires

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National governing body USA Triathlon (USAT) notes that it has been closely monitoring the wildfires in California and their catastrophic impact on areas of the West Region of the United States. The organisation stated, ‘We pledge to support the affected triathlon community in any way that we can…

‘We know that the fires have been devastating for many athletes, race directors, coaches, clubs and officials on a personal level. Natural disasters of this scale can also wreak havoc on the sport, including event cancellations and significant disruptions to training and racing environments.’

The national office staff of USA Triathlon would like its constituents in the region to know that it is availble to help. In addition to proactively reaching out to local key stakeholders, the organisation welcomes input from ‘anyone who can make us aware of local support efforts or needs for assistance.’

USAT is available via the following channels:

Athletes: USA Triathlon Membership | membership[at]usatriathlon.org or 719-955-2807
Race Directors: USA Triathlon Event Services | eventservices[at]usatriathlon.org or 719-955-2802
Coaches: USA Triathlon Coaching Education | coaching[at]usatriathlon.org
Clubs: USA Triathlon Clubs | clubs[at]usatriathlon.org
Officials: USA Triathlon Rules and Officials | rulesandofficials[at]usatriathlon.org

‘We are committed to keeping our nationwide USA Triathlon community strong, and we are prepared to support the West Region to the very best of our ability.’




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