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VELOBerlin bike festival premieres at Tempelhof Airport

VELOBerlin 2018 - photo credit Andreas Stenzel

Before it even started, the VELOBerlin bike festival in Germany reported a 30% uplift in exhibitor numbers, to 276 exhibitors and 500 brands. On April 14-15, the bicycle industry expo drew over 16,000 visitors into two hangars and a huge open air field at Berlin’s at Tempelhof Airport. This was reportedly a new record for the show, and an additional 1400 active participants got involved in the show program.

Dirk Heidrich, Eurobike Project Leader at Messe Friedrichshafen and also organizer of VELOBerlin, said “The new VELOBerlin venue at Tempelhof Airport was a smash hit with exhibitors as well as visitors. We are fascinated by the enthusiasm for bikes that we have experienced here at the VELO and in Berlin in general.”

Robert Burkhardt, division head at organizer Velokonzept, added “Tempelhof Field, which is adjacent to the venue and which has been beloved by cyclists since it opened, combined with the rare opportunity to visit the premises and hangar of the famous old airport. [This] made a significant contribution to the attractiveness of the VELOBerlin.

“We are unbelievably happy that this new concept went off so well. The positive feedback from visitors and exhibitors exceeded our widest hopes. Of course, there are still a few adjustments that we have to make for next year, but overall I am very proud of what we put together here.”

VELOBerlin 2019 will take place from April 27-28, 2019, at Tempelhof Airport.



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