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Wilier’s new Turbine leverages disc brake set-up to optimise aerodynamic profiles

Wilier Turbine rider

Offering up ‘a frame with unique features and a host of innovative aspects’ Wilier Triestina argues that its new Turbine triathlon/TT bike ‘provides the perfect response to the needs of triathletes around the world’. The company adds that the product has been developed on the basis of four fundamental pillars: aerodynamics; braking efficiency; wide range of positions; and ease of transportation.

Turbine is the new triathlon and time trial frame that aims to embody all of Wilier Triestina’s expertise in the quest for maximum speed. The company adds that ‘Turbine transforms your power into speed, offering the highest possible levels of performance.’

A release from Wilier notes that ‘Today, athletes looking for a time trial frame are increasingly drawn to products that offer the best combination of performance, practicality and safety. Alongside the concept of high-level aerodynamics, we have created a bicycle which offers unprecedented scope for customisation.’

The bike brand has dedicated its efforts to providing the ultimate blend of performance, safety and rideability, in all weather conditions. In order to deliver this, the Turbine is equipped with a hydraulic disc brake system, ‘for the best possible braking quality courtesy of brake levers that are integrated with the shift/derailleur controls.’

Wilier Turbine leverages disc brake set-up to optimise aerodynamic profiles

Aerodynamics, integration and disc brake
Turbine was designed using NACA aerodynamic profiles and boasts a truncated rear tail, reducing weight and increasing torsional stiffness. The hydraulic disc brake not only provides ‘superb braking safety in all weather conditions, it also increases the aerodynamic efficiency of the frame.’

Wilier continues… ‘It might seem strange, but this type of braking system enables the outer tubes of the front fork and the rear triangle to be positioned further away from the wheel: This leads to a dramatic reduction in turbulence, improving aerodynamic penetration.’

The aerodynamics of the new bike also focused on the handlebar stem/curve, which Wilier designed directly. The profile of the Turbine stem is integrated with the fork, ‘transforming it into a single, streamlined component with no protrusions or cavities’.

Wilier adds that the ‘number of ergonomic positions that can be achieved with the Turbine frame are almost infinite’. With three frame sizes available, along with two types of seat post and a new handlebar design, is targeting the needs of both the worlds of time trial and triathlon, two sports which call for different riding styles.

Compactable handlebar
The Turbine boasts special monocoque carbon handlebars which can be ‘compacted in less than a minute without removing any cables and – above all – without losing the original set-up’. This is billed as an essential feature which facilitates transportation of the entire bike, as well as making it easier to store at home or in the garage.

The new Turbine bike will debut in Rome this weekend together with German triathlete and Wilier Triestina ambassador Andreas Dreitz who is racing Challenge Roma on Sunday April 15th.




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