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X-BIONIC and X-SOCKS Bikewear 4.0

Apparel specialist X-BIONIC is aiming to break new ground with the launch, at Eurobike 2018, of its new X-BIONIC 4.0 Bikewear Collection. ‘Using technologies inspired by bionics’, ThermoSyphon and Retina HD Knit, the X-BIONIC development team argues that it is ‘catapulting functional clothing in the cycling field into a new sphere.’

The brand’s next-generation X-BIONIC and X-SOCKS bib tights and bike jerseys are for riders on the road or the trail.

“We’re unveiling our fascinating functional cycling wear at EUROBIKE 2018 for the first time,” explained Chief Operating Officer Patrick Lambertz. “Sophisticated details in the fit and the innovative X-BIONIC and X-SOCKS 4.0 technologies ensure that athletes are equipped to the highest level from top to toe.”

The core of the X-BIONIC 4.0 Collection is the unusual finish of the ‘Retina HD Knit’. Inspired by the multi-layered nerve tissues of the human retina, the company notes that ‘processed fibres coalesce like delicate neural pathways into a densely woven textile.’

High-definition Body Zoning helps to ensure that the moisture-retaining areas and compression zones work where needed. This means that the ‘elaborate structures of the retina technology transfer the proven X-BIONIC functions to the body of the athlete even more efficiently.’

‘ThermoSyphon’ is a complex 3D Retina HD Knit system of inner and outer air channels, surface area expanders and odour traps, like the ‘3D Bionic Sphere’ system… ‘It cools you down when you sweat and warms you up when you’re cold.’ The additional dimension, Y-shaped elements for improvements of the natural vertical thermodynamics, is a new feature.

Using the ThermoSyphon and Retina HD Knit smart technologies, X-BIONIC argues that it is redefining functional clothing for cycling… ‘The innovation is in the detail: it’s not only the ideal climate optimisation of the G2 Bike Jackets that inspired confidence – asymmetric sleeve cuffs are also ergonomically supportive while fitted underarm seams allow unrestricted freedom of movement.’

The AirIntake closure can be individually adjusted and regulates the airflow inside the jacket. The Spherewind G2 bike jacket delivers yet another additional feature with the rain-proof AirOuttake on the neck.

A further highlight is found in the ergonomically optimised waistband: the higher cut on the back holds the garment in place, even when constantly moving, both when worn as functional outer garments or as cycling shorts.

With the Twyce and Effektor lines, X-BIONIC adds that it ‘not only sets the tone with colour, but also offers intelligent, streamlined collar styles… The athlete receives optimum protection, and annoying clashes between shirt and helmet are a thing of the past.’

Also premiering at Eurobike, X-BIONIC bib tights offer up ‘a completely new form’. The flexible and wide carrier system distributes the pressure across a significantly larger area. The optimised pad also revolutionises the comfort of the bike shorts with an improved and entirely new ventilation system.




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