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X-BIONIC ‘virtualising bike & sports retail’ with interactive point of sale module

Apparel specialist X-BIONIC argues that it is setting new benchmarks in the bike and sports retail trade with the international launch of its new X-BIONIC 4.0 apparel range, including an interactive point of sale module.

X-Technology Swiss R&D, the Swiss company behind the X-BIONIC brand, plans to illustrate some of its more complex apparel technologies and make these ‘more tangible on the sales floors of selected retail partners’. At retail outlets in Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Zurich the X-BIONIC brand will be activated through virtual touchscreen displays, tablets and VR headsets.

Following the temporary application of a modular POS system, the integrated store concept developed by X-BIONIC is aiming to take retail experiences to the next level.

“As one of the most innovative sportswear brands in the world, we’re also introducing a new, digital era for the sports retail trade,” said COO Patrick Lambertz. “The new store concept meets the highest requirements of our athletes and ensures that sports enthusiasts are able to find the right equipment quickly.”

Virtual store within a store concept
The newly developed X-BIONIC store uses digital technology on the sales floor and is run without any stock. The virtual store module, within a bricks & mortar retail store, offers up a combination of virtual sales personnel and experienced athletes to explain the on-site offer. Samples from the collection help the customer choose their correct size.

Further fittings are done through a virtual mirror, which ‘accurately depicts how the products would look on the customer’. Each click fills the shopping basket with selected sports gear and the order is then delivered to the customer’s home.

X-BIONIC adds that it is creating a modern sales environment with its innovative point of sale module. Athletes can experience the technologies and functions of the X-BIONIC and X-SOCKS 4.0 collection before they complete their purchase thanks to an interactive touchscreen display, tablet, VR headset and the help of digital assistants.

An interface links the customer directly with the X-BIONIC platform, complete with its saved product catalogue. After entering their chosen sport and any additional preferences, customised product suggestions are displayed directly on the screen.

X-Technology Swiss has been ‘uniting Swiss precision and the tradition of Italian craftsmanship’ in its products under the brands X-BIONIC, X-SOCKS and Apani since 1998. As its brand name suggests, the developers of X-BIONIC seek to ‘transfer bionic knowledge from nature into functional clothing with the aim of increasing athletes‘ efficiency and well-being.’

Protected by more than 800 patent registrations worldwide, one function the apparel claims to perform is to release the body’s energy reserves through thermoregulation. Hence, the X-BIONIC brand has the strapline ‘Turn Sweat Into Energy’.




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