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Xendurance fuels Invictus Travel & Training camps


Invictus Travel & Training, ‘one of Europe’s leading functional fitness training and holiday companies’, has today announced the launch of a partnership with sports nutrition specialist Xendurance.

According to a release, the partnership allows both companies to build on each other’s strengths… ‘Invictus Travel and Training run training holidays that leave you feeling strong, both through physical training, as well as mental development. Meanwhile, Xendurance’s goal has been to develop all-natural, drug-free products that support athletes who train and work hard, even on holiday.’

Xendurance adds that it recognises that diet and training is essential to every athlete; ‘combined with proven science, sports nutrition can dramatically add to the complete package for optimum performance, no matter the sport.’

Xendurance will offer all Invictus Travel & Training customers the chance to buy products at a special rate, to fuel them before during and after their training camps. Likewise, Xendurance customers will get access to specialist training camps run and organised by Invictus Travel & Training, with ‘Regional and Games level athletes’.

Hailing from Sweden, Invictus Travel & Training notes that its training holidays and camps ‘shall leave you feeling strong, both through physical training, as well as mental development’. The company adds, ‘It is our belief that this combination during a camp will give you more, and will have a more lasting effect.’

Xendurance is a sports nutrition company that was established in the USA in 2006 when the formula, Xendurance (Extreme Endurance in the USA) was under development. The company points out that ‘What distinguishes Xendurance from other sports nutrition companies is that the showcase product, Xendurance, has a published, Gold-Standard, third party, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study backing up claims of 15% reduction in lactic acid and a double digit increase in aerobic threshold.’

Xendurance adds that ‘Many companies make substantial claims on individual ingredients, but Xendurance has a published study on the complete formula, not just the ingredients.’




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