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XTERRA CEO/Co-founder Tom Kiely moves on to new adventures

XTERRA Tahiti - photo XTERRA

Tom Kiely, former XTERRA CEO/Co-founder, is moving on to new adventures. With the culmination of the sale of XTERRA, Kiely has formed a new business enterprise under the banner of Tourism Sports Marketing Int’l (TSMI).

In December 2017, an agreement was reached for the sale of XTERRA/TEAM Unlimited LLC to privately owned Portland based group, XTERRA Sports Unlimited. The XTERRA brand is comprised of the XTERRA World Tour of events, media, trademarks and licensing.

Tom Kiely said, “With my XTERRA mission complete, I am going back to my marketing and strategic planning roots and launching a business which focuses on the vibrant business sector in the tourism sports area. Prior to and during my tenure with XTERRA, destination marketing has been a major area of my work and we assisted resorts/destinations with strategies for developing economic impact and marketing benefits.”

He continued, “Over these past years, sports related tourism has grown as a valued marketing tool for destinations and therefore we have formed an advisory group to assist a few select clients in developing strategic plans to maximize the benefits from this area.”

Tom Kiely

Citing OutdoorIndustry.org research, outdoor recreation and sports reportedly has a US$600 billion economic impact in the USA. The largest subset of that impact is tourism and travel related.

Tourism Sports Marketing Int’l (TSMI) notes that competition and product development activities by destinations are increasing rapidly. The company argues that it is ‘poised to develop effective and productive strategic marketing plans and tactical opportunities’.




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