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Zeroweight run gear from Odlo offers ‘zero reasons to stay at home’


Odlo has introduced a range of new running gear including the Zeroweight Windproof Jacket, Windproof Pants and Medium Sports Bra.

With these new additions to its Zeroweight collection, Odlo stresses that there are ‘zero reasons to stay at home’. The company adds that the ‘new collection keeps you warm, dry and supported without impacting your ability to move.’

Odlo has also announced a new lightweight Headband and Hat, encompassing innovative ‘CERAMIWARM’ technology that is claimed to generates 3°C more warmth than regular fabrics – seen as a key differentiator in the field of winter running accessories.

In developing its latest apparel offerings for winter, Odlo notes that it has focused on ‘weather protection, temperature regulation, freedom of movement and total comfort’: To create a winter running jacket that fulfils all of these demands, Odlo used the ‘Organic Body Mapping principle’ for the Zeroweight Windproof Jacket Warm. Here, the front of the torso consists of a water-resistant, three-layer laminate fabric that helps protect against the wind and prevent chills.

At the same time, the material offers elasticity and breathability. A soft, stretchy jersey material on the back also adds breathability. For athletes who like to keep an eye on their time and performance data, there is a convenient watch opening on the sleeve. In addition, the reflective print on the sleeves ‘reflects light when it is dark outside but is hardly noticeable during the day’.

The Zeroweight Windproof Pants also target runners who place importance on performance, comfort and temperature regulation. Similarl to the matching jacket, the pants feature the company’s Organic Body Mapping approach. The fabric combination provides wind protection on the front and includes breathable material on the back.

Odlo adds that a well-fitted sports bra can reduce breast movement by 75%. ‘That is why it is crucial for every woman – regardless of her cup size – to wear one while running.’ The Zeroweight Medium Sports Bra is particularly oriented towards mid-impact while running and offers support and comfort.

Featuring adjustable straps, the bra has a cross-strap function for added versatility, adjustable underbust elastic and an adjustable hook and eye fastening. The lightweight Zeroweight Medium Sports Bra is breathable and is constructed with minimum seams.

Odlo’s Ceramiwarm technology claims to generate 3°C more warmth than regular fabrics due to the heat reflective ceramic particles that are inserted into the yarn. The lightweight Ceramiwarm Headband and Hat are therefore positioned as a solution for preventing ears from getting cold whilst allowing heat and moisture to escape. Odlo’s Ceramiwarm Headband and Hat also incorporate high-moisture management to keep runners dry as well as reflective elements for increased visibility.



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