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Zwift Mobile Link gets a refresh and new name – Zwift Companion App

Zwift Companion App Workout Mode

Online/virtual training platform Zwift has released the new Zwift Companion App. Previously know as Zwift Mobile Link, the Zwift Companion App is positioned as ‘a great tool for better navigation within Zwift’.

First released in late 2015 to provide a Bluetooth bridge connecting a turbo trainer to Zwift, version 1.0 of Zwift Mobile Link (ZML) also let Zwifters see riders nearby when in-game, included ‘Zwifting Now’ functionality, as well as a dashboard providing in-game stats. The original ZML aimed to make Zwifting more social, providing a platform for in-game messaging, following other Zwifters, and the ability to give post-game Ride Ons.

According to the online training/gaming specialist, ‘Zwift Companion makes a big leap with a new window into your Workout Mode… Begin a workout or group workout in Zwift, and the dashboard comes alive with a new interactive screen.’

Workout Mode displays current power measured in watts, making it easier to stay on target and focus riding effort. When paired with appropriate equipment, users will also be able to view their heart rate and cadence.

Underneath the power gauge, the display shows the current workout block, the effort required and a live progress bar indicating how much time is left. Zwifters can also scroll down to see upcoming workout blocks. Blocks can also be skipped by simply swiping left or right on the screen.

The new app also allows better control and adjustment on the fly. Workouts can be paused and resumed when life gets in the way. Those using a smart trainer can toggle between ERG and SIM mode with a simple tap on the screen. When in SIM mode, Zwifters are able to control the resistance of their trainer. Lastly, workout difficulty can be adjusted on the fly by adjusting percentage of FTP with the + and – symbols.

The Zwift Companion App is available to download free on both the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.




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