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IRONMAN Champion Andy Potts teams up with performance & recovery supplement AltRed

Sur PhytoPerformance, the company behind beet-based performance and recovery supplement AltRed, has announced an official partnership with Olympian and IRONMAN Champion, Andy Potts.

A release from the company notes that ‘As a professional athlete, Potts pays very close attention what he is putting into his body and puts a big emphasis on being able to recover after hard sessions. Given the powerful performance and recovery benefits of AltRed, a science-backed, plant-based, NSF certified product, this new partnership perfectly aligns with Potts’ pursuit of another podium finish on the world’s biggest stage at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona this October.’

“We are so excited to have Andy Potts as part of the AltRed family.” Said Jeff Van Drunen, President of Sur. “Andy’s passion for AltRed as a game-changing performance supplement is humbling to us, and we feel honoured that he will be helping us spread the word on the benefits of the unique form of betalains that is found only in AltRed.

“Andy represents world-class character and performance and we could not have a better advocate and partner.



Since discovering AltRed this year at IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga, Potts has reportedly been incorporating AltRed into his daily training and racing routines.

“I am so pumped to be working with AltRed,” Potts said. “For years, I tested a variety of beet-based products without much success. When taking those products, I struggled with GI distress, flavour aversion, and the inability to use them during training and competition. I love that I can take AltRed capsules with me on-the-go while I am swimming, biking and running.

“AltRed is a great compliment to my current nutrition and recovery regimen, with Infinit Nutrition, and is now an essential part of my daily training and racing arsenal leading up to Kona this fall.”

AltRed is a plant-based betalain supplement that has claims to have been clinically proven to enhance endurance athletes’ training, recovery and performance. AltRed is created through a patented process, which extracts and concentrates betalains from beets. The company adds that ‘As a result, no other sport supplement provides the same form of betalains that are available in AltRed.’ Those patented betalains are also the only active ingredient in AltRed.

Potts joins a growing list of athletes who train and race with AltRed, including the Timex Multisport Team, ultra runner Cat Bradley, OCR athlete Nicole Mericle, and an elite community of close to 200 AltRed ambassadors.

Sur is committed to providing those athletes with clean products. Hence, AltRed is third-party tested and certified through both Informed-Choice Trusted by Sport and NSFTM.

“Partnering with AltRed is a great opportunity to push my potential and also help push the potential of athletes across the globe,” Andy Potts added.

Andy Potts is a triathlete, Olympian, father, former IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion and the winner of more than 50+ triathlons at every distance. Whether draft-legal or non-drafting, Olympic distance, 70.3 or IRONMAN, Potts has been one of the most versatile triathletes in the world for the past decade.

Following a successful collegiate swimming career at the University of Michigan, Potts made the jump to triathlon. Since turning professional in 2003, Potts has amassed numerous accolades including an Olympic appearance in 2004, 3x USAT Triathlete of the Year, IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion and over 50+ first place finishes.




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