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2020 Schneider Electric Paris Marathon billed as world’s first carbon-neutral marathon


For the past three years, A.S.O, the organiser of the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon has been… ‘committed to taking tangible actions to confirm its sustainable approach among runners, climate ambassadors, its partners, the city of Paris and the planet.’

The environment, social and societal actions, the economy and good governance practices are at the heart of its thinking and development. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) results from this year’s race in 2019 highlight some key achievements made.

A.S.O notes that the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon became the first carbon-neutral marathon in the world. It attained a goal of offsetting all carbon emissions generated by the race, which was estimated at 25,000 tonnes of CO2.



94% of these emissions are the result of marathon runners travelling to Paris by plane or by car, with the remaining 6% coming from the logistics of the event.

The results also showed increased participation of female runners. Thanks to the launch of support programmes and Facebook groups such as ‘Paris Marathon Girls’, women made up 27% of the field at this year’s event.

The positive outcome also showed a 30% reduction of total waste produced by the event. 67% of the waste produced was recycled, 100% of organic waste was recycled, 100% of undistributed food was donated to the Restos du Coeur food bank charity and to Chainon Manqueant.



For 2020, the event has a commitment to:

  • A positive carbon footprint
  • Shared energies
  • Victories to perpetuate
  • A new dynamic working to combine sport and sustainable development

Registration for the next edition of the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon is now open on A.S.O’s Time To race entry platform. The race will take place on 5th April 2020.




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