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ACT Lab expands product testing services


ACT Lab, the independent laboratory that conducts safety and compliance testing for the bicycle, motorcycle, outdoor, and other industries, has announced an exclusive partnership with Consumer Testing Technology (CTT) of China. Under the new agreement, ISO 17025-accredited and CPSC-approved ACT Lab has become the exclusive North American sales agent of CTT’s testing services.

“This partnership is meaningful because it gives us the opportunity to offer even more of a one-stop shopping experience to many of our existing customers that have multiple product lines and categories, particularly those with manufacturing facilities in China,” said ACT Lab President John Bogler.

Bogler mentioned that ACT Lab will have an expanded booth presence at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show in Denver this June to reach more of the clothing manufacturers and textile suppliers within the current markets it serves. It has already dedicated customer service representatives to facilitate these new areas of testing.

CTT has six facilities located throughout China that focus on both the Chinese domestic and the international markets. It provides testing and compliance services for apparel, textiles, footwear, leather products, toys and children’s products, food contact products, electrical and electronic products, jewellery, cosmetics, food and agricultural products, and environmental equipment.

CTT Vice President Dr Sean Li said, “This cooperation with ACT Lab is an important milestone in CTT’s global growth. We were looking for a quality partner to enhance our competitiveness in the international market, and can now provide one-stop solutions, conveniently and efficiently, to customers in North America and China, whether they are selecting suppliers or introducing products into the global market.”



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