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Aergo: new aerobar offering from LOOK

Building on a raft of recent product releases – including new pedals and bikes – LOOK has now launched aerodynamic handlebar extensions, the all-carbon Aergo. The new aerobar offering features ‘extensive adjustability to ensure the optimum fit for all riders’, and was raced at IRONMAN Australia by French LOOK athlete, Denis Chevrot.

The new extensions, which have been developed in the crucible of the velodrome with the French national track cycling team – along the way winning the European Track Men’s Team Pursuit title – have been designed and engineered to create the most ergonomic fit possible. This helps to maximise the rider’s unique aerodynamic profile, while conforming to UCI regulations.

With computational fluid dynamic (CFD) and wind tunnel testing informing its shape, Aergo was fashioned using specific carbon fibre layups and strategic moulding. According to LOOK, this enables maximum aerodynamic efficiency, taking into account a wide range of rider shapes and requirements.

‘This approach of adapting to the rider allows the bar to minimise the aerodynamic drag of the rider’s body, which is typically responsible for 80-85% of total drag on a bike.’

LOOK adds that Aergo is capable of offering up to 75° of angle at the end of the extension arms, with 0-7° of lateral adjustability from the ergonomic armrests to the tips of the extensions.

The armrests are padded for long periods spent in an aerodynamic position, and cocoon the rider’s forearms so that they present as little additional front-facing surface area as possible. They offer up to 55mm of stack height, along with up to 20° of inclination, while there is 54mm of reach adjustment. The centre-to-centre width of the armrests can be set to a narrowest measurement of 97.5mm and to a maximum of 205mm for naturally wider-stanced riders.

A UCI-legal central carbon mini bridge is supplied with the Aergo as standard; while a carbon triathlon-specific bridge is available as an add-on accessory. This features integrated bottle cage and head unit mounts, and is Garmin, Wahoo and Polar-compatible.

Aergo is available in three versions:

  • A Road 31.8 Aeroflat bar suitable for road and triathlon bikes with both electronic and mechanical cable routing compatibility;
  • A Track 31.8 Aeroflat model (without cable routing), and
  • The 796 Aeroflat version designed specifically for the LOOK 796 Monoblade time trial bike.

‘Each model has been built specifically for purpose, with LOOK tweaking the carbon layup and shape of each to produce the most efficient design.’

The Track 31.8 Aeroflat bar prioritises maximum stiffness and removes routing compatibility, whereas the Road 31.8 Aeroflat features full dual cable routing compatibility as well as a carbon structure that builds in additional comfort for asphalt roads. Meanwhile, the 796 Aeroflat maximises compatibility with the 796 Monoblade bike, complete with up to 25mm of base bar drop.

Weighing 790g configured with minimal stack, uncut extensions and no carbon bridge, the Road and Track Aergo systems (including 400mm Aeroflat base bar and extensions) retail for €1,099 (£1,069 / US$1,290), while the 796 upgrade kit costs €799 (£779 / US$990). The additional carbon triathlon bridge will retail for €149 (£145 / US$199).

Ahead of using the Aergo at IRONMAN Australia, Denis Chevrot said “For triathletes and IRONMAN athletes especially, aerodynamics and comfort go hand-in-hand. We need to combine the two to get the best performance out of ourselves.

“With the Aergo, I know that the fine adjustment that is possible puts me in the best position aerodynamically, while subjecting the least amount of stress on my body for the duration of the ride. This means I get the fastest possible time in the bike split, while entering the run as fresh as I can be.”

Pierre-Yves Facomprez, LOOK Track & Triathlon Product Manager, said “LOOK is proud to present the new Aergo handlebar extension system, which is the latest example of us using our carbon expertise and knowledge to create a product that pushes the boundaries of carbon design.

“With the Aergo, we have produced an elegant solution, developed using the latest CFD and wind tunnel testing techniques as well as our partnerships with our elite athletes and squads. Their feedback has been invaluable in ensuring that the Aergo is the ultimate handlebar extension solution for every athlete.”




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