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Aim to make Challenge Anhui the ‘Oriental Roth’


The first ever Challenge Family race in mainland China took place on October 20, 2019 in the province of Anhui. The event is located in an area known for international cultural tourism – boasting scenery that encompasses mountain ridges and lakes.

With an aim to make Challenge Anhui a destination event for athletes worldwide – Race Director Kent Wong and the organisational team at Challenge Anhui sought to ‘provide the best possible race experience for both pro-athletes and age-groupers alike.’

“With a population of 350,000, beautiful bamboo forest surroundings, clean and safe roads and friendly locals, I personally feel that the city could become the ‘Oriental Roth’ of the future,” said Kent Wong.



A reported 30,000 spectators cheered on more than 1,200 participating athletes. There were 1,000 volunteers; and the organisers added that the ‘amazing hospitality of the local community at Challenge Anhui felt like a new ‘home of triathlon’ and left its mark on the international triathlon scene.’





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