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Alé Cipollini team makes UCI Women’s World Tour licence request for 2020

Santos Women’s Tour Down Under - stage 4 - photo Dion Kerckhoffs/Cor Vos 2019

The Alé Cipollini professional female cycling team, together with its main sponsors, Alé Cycling, Cipollini and DMT, has announced its intention to compete in the UCI Women’s World Tour circuit.

The team will celebrate its 10-year anniversary next year. Over the years, a number of sponsors have been brought on board, including Windtex, Deine and Bardiani CSF. The team’s main sponsors – Alé, DMT and Cipollini – are owned by Italy’s Zecchetto Group.

Alessia Piccolo, President of the Alé Cipollini team, has officially announced the application for admission to the 2010 Women’s World Tour. She said, “I started this project 9 years ago, investing and believing in female cycling when the sector did not have the visibility it has now, and the companies supporting it were few and far between.

“I’ve seen the team grow year after year and I have dedicated to the girls all my commitment, not solely as a sponsor, but also in terms of management, assuming responsibility for all logistics and communication tasks. Now, on the occasion of our tenth anniversary, I am proud to announce that the project will go on; and we shall request from UCI the licence to compete in the 2020 Women’s World Tour.

“If we are admitted, we will be the first Italian female team to profit from the reform implements by the UCI. We will represent the entire Italian cycling scene, because to this day, our country is absent, even in the men’s World Tour.”

According to a release from the Alé Cipollini team, the intention to compete in the top circuit is a clear sign, for the movement, the sector, and above all, the industry.

Alessia Piccolo added “I would be happy if this message was heard by new partners and I launch an invitation: do believe in this project. Support it. The sport talent and the communication power of these girls and this team can and will achieve, great results!”

The team, includes two Junior European Champions (Anna Trevisi and Nadia Quagliotto), a Junior World Champion (Karlijn Swinkels) and three reigning national champions (Eri Yonamine, Japan; Jelena Eric; Serbia and Na Ah-Reum; Korea).



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