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Alé in ‘Plastic Protection Race’ project with Cyril Viennot and PPRTeam in Kona


PPRTeam triathlete Cyril Viennot will be the first athlete to run the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona with Alé apparel made from recycled materials. The Italian team, together with its partners, has launched the ‘Plastic Protection Race’ project. This is billed as a ‘race in within a race’, focusing on the apparel used by athletes, that the ‘PPRTeam intends to win in Kona’.

The PPRTeam is seeking to raise awareness on the issue of water pollution caused by plastic waste. Apparel specialist Alé also sees this as a ‘pressing problem of absolute importance’.

Aiming to raise awareness, Cyril Viennot is being billed as ‘the first athlete in history to race an IRONMAN world final with technical materials and clothing, made with an eye to the least impact on the environment.’

The Alé trisuit used by the French triathlete is ‘designed to face high-level competitions, using recycled and micro-perforated polyester fabrics, to facilitate drying and implement ventilation.’ The company adds that… ‘For the back, a light, but above all resistant material was chosen, in order to better support the weight of very full pockets. The sleeves are raw cut, adherent and aerodynamic, for maximum performance when cycling. Green details emphasize the garment’s eco-friendly spirit.’

Alé notes that its sensitive to protecting the planet and ‘wanted to create this bodysuit with the purpose to support the PPRTeam Plastic Protection Race project.’ In addition, all the garments of the new Alé Green Road line, available on the market for the spring-summer 2020 season, are composed of ‘90% fabrics, yarns, inserts and elastic straps with low environmental impact’. Most of the fabrics used in the company’s latest apparel are also certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS).




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