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App updates improve connectivity for RGT Cycling


Formerly Road Grand Tours, the re-branded RGT Cycling and RGT screen apps have received a number of updates. The virtual training & racing company notes that these include… ‘the much waited for connectivity fixes, adding the ability to email yourself activities performed as well as improving the visual journeys on your top chosen rides.’

RGT lists the following implemented updates:

  • Fixed unit conversions from metric to imperial
  • Fixed multiple Bluetooth issues (such as cadence and heart rate monitor)
  • Improvements in performance, tweaks and optimizations
  • New feature added, whereby activities can now be sent to the user’s account email from the activity history page
  • Visual improvements on Ventoux, Pienza, Paterberg, Stelvio, Canary Wharf and Borrego Springs roads
  • The server status is now reflected within the messages windows
  • Fixed certain issues that appeared when ending a ride

Depending on a user’s device and settings, all of these fixes should be effected through an automatic update. Users should verify by checking that the is now 2019.05.04. If the update has not been automatic, users should update manually.

The RGT Cycling brand has recently be re-launched with a new identity and approach. This aims to ‘bring the excitement and fun of virtual cycling into the real world whilst retaining the same ground breath-taking beauty on offer from the free rides, group rides and races that take place daily.’

RGT is using the hashtag #GOBEYOND. This is a ‘summary of our attitude and personality, a mantra to inspire; to keep pushing forward, always evolving, pushing boundaries, never satisfied that the journey is complete.’



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