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Apparel specialist Trimtex ties up with Craig Alexander


The Norway-based brand Trimtex, a specialist in triathlon and customized sportswear, has taken the next step in its expansion plans and started a long-term collaboration with an icon in the sport of triathlon – Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander.

While Crowie retired from full distance IRONMAN racing a few years back, he has remained competitive at the half distance with wins and podiums against competitors half of his age. Trimtex notes that this all while maintaining an endless schedule of the sport’s promotion with events, sponsors, and his coaching brand, Sansego.

Going forwards, the three-time IRONMAN World Champion and two-time IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion will not only race and train in customized Trimtex apparel; he will also be part of the brand’s product development team.

“I’ve been fortunate to be able to represent some well-known brands over the course of my career and help contribute to the product development under each company’s standard,” said Craig Alexander.

“But with Trimtex, the standard is already so incredibly high. I didn’t know much about the company nor its products when I was first introduced, but knew immediately upon trying their kit that I wanted in! To be able to help introduce this level of quality in apparel to the world of triathlon is an honour, because I know triathletes around the world are going to be just as impressed as I was when they see, feel and experience real craftsmanship when it comes to performance racing and training gear.”

Ole Kristian Augland, owner at Trimtex said “This is a unique opportunity for us to grow as a whole. Crowie’s successes speak for themselves and there is no doubt he will enrich the quality of our apparel. Yet, it is his unmatched authenticity as an athlete and sports person matching perfectly to our brand guidelines with the same values and goals that fascinates us the most.”

Crowie’s rep, Franko Vatterott added, “I speak to a lot of brands in my day to day. When I first connected with Trimtex, I was intrigued with their style of their communication and how they viewed their brand. The presentation was top class and very professional yet with a humble approach. They clearly place a high emphasis on the quality of their product over marketing growth of their brand message.

“Thus, the company felt like a great match with Crowie and the Sansego team. While I look for credible case studies such as their supplier relationship with the Norwegian Triathlon Federation, it was Crowie’s first reaction to the kit he received that made Trimtex a no-brainer as our choice for a performance apparel partner moving forward.”

Trimtex notes that it started small. Out of garage in Lillesand, Harald Augland began to create customized sportswear to perform better as an orienteer. 40 years later, and evolving from its orienteering roots Trimtex has become a specialist sportswear supplier. As the company points out, ‘Shaped by the toughest Nordic conditions we clothe hardcore athletes for challenges like Norseman and [for] thousands of athletes in sports clubs across Scandinavia. We do this with the support of researchers from NTNU, the most advanced production technologies and our brand ambassadors – top athletes in our sports.’



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