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Aqua Sphere’s 2019 re-designed wetsuit range


‘Re-engineered to achieve even more speed and flexibility’, Aqua Sphere notes that its new wetsuit range for 2019 ‘meets the performance needs of open water swimmers & triathletes at every level’.

Entering retail at the end of February, Aqua Sphere has redesigned its wetsuit collection to offer open water swimmers through to professional triathletes, from casual beginners to professional elite, ‘further enhancements in speed, performance and comfort across a strategically streamlined 2019 range.’

Working alongside its worldwide team of ambassador athletes, Aqua Sphere adds that it has entirely re-engineered the collection, combining new and improved construction and bonding techniques with the latest super stretch materials to achieve better flexibility, mobility, durability and comfort.

The result is ‘faster and more flexible wetsuits’ across three performance levels – a top of the range Phantom 2.0, competitive level Racer 2.0 and beginner level Pursuit 2.0. All models are distinguished with new front and rear graphics.

The top of the range Phantom 2.0 is made from Yamamoto 40 neoprene. Bio-stretch zone panels are strategically placed for flex and the internal Core Power System gives concealed support to improve posture in the water. Aqua Sphere notes that this enhances hip rotation and lengthens the swim stroke, to maximise swim efficiency. Buoyancy is boosted from the Aerodrome panels on the chest and thighs. Thermo-Guard technology to the chest, shoulders and legs helps to retain body heat.

The back zip has been extended for easier transition. New fabric cuffs deliver comfort and the Aqua-Flex collar helps to keep water out whilst helping to prevent chaffing and restriction. Available in a wide size range for men and women, the Phantom 2.0 is priced at an SRP of £549.99.

The intermediate level Racer 2.0 is constructed using panels of Yamamoto 40 neoprene combined with panels of Yamamoto 39 neoprene. These strategically placed panels help to maximise buoyancy and reduce drag, and Thermo Guard technology on the chest, shoulders and legs retains body heat. The easy-pull deep back zipper aids transition speed and the Aqua-Flex collar seal keeps water out and prevents chaffing and restriction. Priced at £399.99 SRP.

The entry-level Pursuit 2.0 remains a beginners’ triathlon or training wetsuit. It offers buoyancy and warmth; and its Yamamoto 38 neoprene allows for a range of movement. Priced at £249.99 SRP.

To complement its wetsuit range, Aqua Sphere is also launching a redesigned AquaSkin range of full suits, sleeveless short suits, shorts, a full arm top and a hood. These garments provide thermal properties for those swimming or triathlon training in lakes or seas, providing more thermal protection than traditional swimwear.

The full AquaSkin suit is priced at £199.99 SRP. This line is also available from the end of February from swim and tri retailers. Other products for open water swimming include a hood which offers thermal properties, and training shorts for the pool which deliver buoyancy to help master body position in the water.



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