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Bike industry business network: Eurobike Connect goes live


Eurobike Connect has gone live – billed as the first business network for the bike and mobility industry to connect manufacturers, suppliers and retailers during and beyond the annual Eurobike show. The online platform also aims to enable easier product finding, comparing and purchasing.

Based in Friedrichshafen, Germany, the Eurobike team notes that international cycling industry users can leverage Eurobike Connect to extend and manage bike industry contacts, find and compare product groups and present themselves and their company 365 days a year.

“The bike is now firmly part of the future,” said Head of Eurobike, Stefan Reisinger. “It’s connected and digital. Even more reason for us to take this step and expand the show to support the industry with the Eurobike Connect digital offer.

“The new digital service aims to be the first business network for the bike and mobility industry. The challenge: moving from trade show organiser to become the comprehensive industry intermediary and replace Google as the main source of information and business connections.”

Together with the digital agency Scholz & Volkmer, which is responsible for concept and implementation, Eurobike Connect is positioned as a modern, specialist networking tool with advanced search functions, individual profiles and relevant international bike contacts.

‘The concept is based on research conducted with international bike industry experts, who were consulted regarding future challenges and requirements. Interested parties who want to join the starting line-up can register now for a company profile to benefit from a 30% early discount on annual membership.’

Annual membership of Eurobike Connect is usually €690. Those who register early pay a reduced introductory offer price of €483.

Eurobike notes that the targeted search functions make it possible to quickly find products, companies, individuals and more, plus further refine search filter options. The special matching process has been designed to ‘reliably produce effective results’.

Companies can present themselves with their own easily maintainable company profiles to showcase products and provide information.

‘This will ensure high-quality presentation – according to the degree of maintenance invested – and guarantee that they can be found and contacted. Eurobike Connect is not only aimed at exhibitors, who will automatically receive a free account for one year, but also for everyone who wants to be part of the international bike and mobility network. This also includes individuals, who can create a free personal profile.’

“This was the perfect project for Scholz & Volkmer,” said Peter Post, Managing Director at Scholz & Volkmer. “The combination of contemporary mobility and digital product is right up our street. We’re really motivated and delighted to continue working to support Eurobike Connect.”

There are also additional services, such as the product search function, reminder lists and appointments and planner tool – all elements that will ‘help the new platform grow together with the international bike community’. The Wiesbaden-based creative agency Scholz & Volkmer implemented the new Eurobike website (eurobike.com) earlier this year.

Eurobike 2020 takes place from Wednesday 2 to Saturday 5 September 2020 on the exhibition grounds in Friedrichshafen, Germany.




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