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BikeFlights.com announces new sustainability initiative


BikeFlights.com, a bicycle shipping service for cyclists, has launched a new sustainability initiative, which went into effect earlier this month.

Working in conjunction with its primary carrier, UPS, BikeFlights.com notes that it ‘now offsets the carbon emissions resulting from its shipments to reduce the environmental impact of shipping bikes, wheels and gear.’

“At BikeFlights.com, we believe that we must take an active role in the journey toward preserving our planet and growing our sport,” said William Alcorn, BikeFlights.com’s President. “The path to sustainability starts with us.”

BikeFlights.com notes that it ‘purchases high quality carbon offsets through its partner carrier UPS to mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with shipping and thus neutralize the climate impact of its shipments.’

UPS then retires an equivalent amount of carbon offsets from verified carbon reduction projects. Such target projects have included improved forest management, methane and landfill gas destruction and wastewater treatment.

BikeFlights.com has also adopted other environmentally-friendly practices with the aim to be more sustainable. This includes helping to reduce the impact of customer travel, having a remote workforce, reducing its own materials consumption, sourcing boxes locally and recycling.

BikeFlights.com also works toward the sustainability of cycling as a sport by supporting a variety of advocacy and cycling nonprofit organizations that work to more and safer opportunities for cyclists of all ages on and off-road.

“To sustain the sport of cycling, we have to help it grow – and grow responsibly,” said Sue George, BikeFlights.com’s Vice President.

“When we give, we want it to count. That’s why we support advocacy groups and non-profit grassroots programs whose missions track with ours.”



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