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Brighton and Hove Triathlon offers kids a sporting chance


Taking place on the weekend of 14-15 September, the Brighton and Hove Triathlon has been designed for children as well as adults. Now in its 4th year, the event on England’s south coast is growing annually. The organising team note that this is ‘due to its location, the ability to do a sea swim and to take in the iconic sights of Brighton.’

Many children watch their parents compete in the triathlon, so Race Director John Lunt decided to do something for the children to make them feel part of the event. From this idea the event’s Scootathlon was born.

The original Scootathlon actually took place back in 2002 when John Lunt owned Human Race, which at the time organised 43 triathlons a year.

John Lunt said, “In the early days, we had to think of something to keep the kids active whilst my wife and I were working the events. I also wanted to introduce them to multi-sport activity, some element of competition and an outlet for their energy.”

He continued, “In those days, schools were encouraging the idea that every child is a winner, but a lot of children are naturally competitive so I wanted to give them an opportunity to race. As triathlon can include a sea or open water swim, we couldn’t put 3 or 4 year olds in a lake. So the swim element was always going to be an issue for small children.

“However, because of the wide range of abilities in children we had to think of an alternative. My thought process was that most kids can run, will have a bike in their shed and many have a scooter too, so I came up with the idea of Scootathlon.

“Last year we had 100 children aged between 3-8 years of age racing along Hove seafront and the atmosphere was fantastic, some really competitive spirits out there on the course. They really put their heart and soul into it and hopefully some of these children will go on to do children’s triathlon now they have had a taste of multi-sport.”



Scoot – Bike – Run for 3-8 year olds
Inspiring children to be active, the Scootathlon will take place on Saturday 14th September at midday on Hove Lawns, which this year has been given Blue Flag Status.

4yrs – 100m scoot / 100m bike / 100m run
4yrs – 200m scoot / 200m bike / 200m run
5-8yrs – 300m scoot / 300m bike / 300m run

Children’s triathlon
The children’s (and adult) triathlon will take place on Sunday 15 September 2019. The open-water triathlon consists of a short sea swim, safe closed-road cycle and ends with a run along the promenade.

8yrs – 50m swim / 1.4km bike / 500m run
9-10yrs – 100m swim / 4km bike / 1.5km run
11-12yrs – 200m swim / 4km bike / 1.5km run
13-14 yrs – 200m swim / 4km bike / 2.5km run

In line with British Triathlon rules, age groups are based on the age as at 31st December in the year of the event.



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