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‘Buy One, Give One’ youth membership promotion from USA Triathlon Foundation


The USA Triathlon Foundation has announced a ‘Buy One, Give One’ youth membership promotion throughout the month of May. This seeks to introduce aspiring youth across the United States to the multisport lifestyle.

For all USA Triathlon adult annual memberships renewed or purchased in May, the foundation will donate one youth digital membership to a child.

Youth digital memberships include all of the standard USA Triathlon Youth Membership benefits, but without the delivery of printed materials by mail (e.g., digital members receive the online edition of USA Triathlon Kids magazine and other communications).

The foundation’s goal during the month-long initiative is to inspire 10,000 youth membership donations that can be distributed throughout the year.

Current USA Triathlon annual members who are not up for renewal in May can still be a part of the initiative. By renewing early, current members will receive a one-year extension on their existing membership while also donating a youth digital membership.

In addition, anyone can give a standalone youth digital membership by making a monetary donation to the USA Triathlon Foundation. Each US$10 donation made online will provide one youth digital membership to a child in need. The standalone scholarship program is an ongoing initiative that will continue beyond the May promotion.

“The USA Triathlon Foundation is proud to support the future of our sport through the ‘Buy One, Give One’ promotion, as well as our ongoing youth scholarship initiative,” said David Deschenes, Executive Director of the USA Triathlon Foundation.

“The foundation’s mission is to open pathways to triathlon for all, especially those who are otherwise underserved. This is a perfect example of that mission in action; and I encourage all current or prospective USA Triathlon annual members to take advantage of this opportunity to make a difference.”

“Multisport can positively impact young people in so many ways — from increasing their health and confidence, to being the catalyst for lifelong friendships,” said Meg Duncan, Youth Program Manager at USA Triathlon.

“For that reason, increasing youth participation is a key element of USA Triathlon’s Strategic Plan. We look forward to working with race directors, coaches and clubs throughout the year to ensure each donated membership is given to a child who needs it most. At the same time, the May initiative gives us the chance to engage with USA Triathlon members who may not otherwise be involved with our youth programming, which brings our entire multisport community closer together.”

The May ‘Buy One, Give One’ promotion is one element of USA Triathlon’s ongoing initiatives to support youth participation. The organization is also increasing its online educational content, strengthening its partnerships with local community groups and enhancing its nationwide grassroots programming. USA Triathlon announced in February its first-ever National Youth Series, which awards a complimentary 2020 youth digital membership to participants who complete three or more races in the series.

USA Triathlon will also work with its youth-focused coaches, race directors, clubs and regional volunteers to distribute scholarship information to local community groups and prospective youth in diverse communities.

The ‘Buy One, Give One’ promotion will be in effect from May 1-31.



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