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Carbon labelling for brands: new Climate Neutral Certified label


Climate Neutral is a new non-profit carbon labelling organization. It is aiming to enrol the international business community to take responsibility for their carbon footprints.

This week sees the launch of Climate Neutral into the consumer domain. For the consumer launch, it will be using crowdfunding although no products will be sold. In a Kickstarter campaign, the general public has the opportunity help launch the Climate Neutral Certified label ($US5) and ‘send a powerful message to corporate American to clean up their carbon.’

Climate Neutral (a 501c3 non-profit organisation) is enlisting climate-conscious consumers to help launch ‘Climate Neutral Certified’. The new independent non-profit organization has a mission to enlist brands to measure, reduce and offset the carbon emissions resulting from the design, production, and shipping of products and services.

The aim is for the climate-certified label to begin appearing on the packaging, hang tags and websites of certified brands in early 2020 to ‘verify the achievement of a net-zero carbon footprint’.

With socially conscious consumerism on the rise and 76% of Americans said to be viewing climate change as a crisis or major problem, Climate Neutral intends to ‘deliver a new standard of trust and transparency when it comes to corporate action on climate change.’

Companies that elect to become certified are required to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint for the company’s upstream and downstream greenhouse gas emissions. Once the certification process is complete, a company may use the certified label across all consumer channels to communicate the company’s commitment toward a global climate solution.

“Consumer brands today offer many credentials to a prospective buyer, but none of them directly addresses the brand’s climate impact,” said Austin Whitman, CEO of Climate Neutral. “Even worse, most brands don’t know how much they contribute to climate change. Climate Neutral exists to address both of these gaps so that we can make headway in the climate crisis.”

Carbon labelling has yet to achieve wide-scale recognition, but Climate Neutral plans to change that.

Peter Dering, CEO of Peak Design and a co-founder of Climate Neutral, said, “Carbon labelling by itself will not solve all our climate problems. But by enabling consumers to make informed purchasing decisions, labelling can play a crucial role in encouraging businesses to take full responsibility for their carbon expenditure and apply a long-overdue price to carbon.”

Climate Neutral was launched as a collaboration between Peak Design and Brooklyn-based BioLite, an innovator in off-grid clean energy solutions.




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