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CeramicSpeed launches road and off-road, SRAM DUB Bottom Bracket series

CeramicSpeed’s new SRAM DUB-compatible series, built on a 28.99mm spindle, allows for a more contamination-resistant Bottom Bracket (BB) design. According to the accessories specialist, the new offering also retains the ‘ultra-efficient, long-lasting qualities CeramicSpeed products are renowned for’.

According to SRAM, its DUB™ BB/Crank technology is ‘forward thinking and backwards compatible’. DUB is compatible with all major bottom bracket standards. It claims to offering better sealing, without having to make compromises to fit all frames… ‘Yet it opens the door for a new crank spindle for the world’s all-time lightest crank set.’

The new series includes options for Italian threaded bottom brackets (ITA). This is good news for Pinarello bike owners, amongst others, who have not previously been able to take advantage of CeramicSpeed’s superior bearings for the SRAM DUB crankset.

Hand-built bearings are specially developed for road and off-road performance, offering durability and high performance efficiency, featuring a warranty of up to six years. Thanks to the high-quality CeramicSpeed bearings inside, ‘they deliver high resistance to corrosion, eliminating drag and have been developed to deliver unrivalled performance’.

An integrated dust cover for all models, along with a snug and secure fit that fully protects the face of the bearing, delivers durability and performance. CeramicSpeed hand-built bearings carry the load from crank to frame with ‘unparalleled efficiency’.

The coated bearings use the highest quality CeramicSpeed balls, running on hardened-steel races with a 3-micron thick metallic coating, making the races corrosion-resistant, harder and smoother, increasing service life and reducing friction.

The SRAM DUB crank spindle requires the bearing contact points to be in a set designated width and all CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket options match the bearing placement on the crank spindle with the required frame interface for almost any model of bike. Without the use of additional adapters or spacers, a quiet, stable platform can be ensured throughout the life of the product.

CeramicSpeed’s Chief Marketing Officer Ben Powell said, “The introduction of the SRAM DUB-compatible bottom bracket brings CeramicSpeed’s unrivalled product to a greater range of brands and frame/crank combinations, enabling riders to enjoy increased efficiency, smoothness and longevity.”




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