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CloseTheGap introduces HideMyWaste nutrition waste container


In collaboration with the Amstel Gold Race, which took place on 21 April 2019, Dutch accessories specialist CloseTheGap has launched HideMyWaste.

CloseTheGap – the business behind the HideMyBell bike accessory – wants to deal, this time with roadside waste. The company notes that ‘tossing rubbish on the route is unfair and disrespectful, especially during bike tours’. So, it has come up with bike storage solution for nutrition wrappers and other waste.

HideMyWaste can be fully customized, with logos or special colours to align with an event or its sponsor’s branding. CloseTheGap adds that the new product can also become ‘the perfect give away at bike events or for any brand who wants to communicate they care about the planet.’

Mathijs Wagenaar, owner of CloseTheGap and the creator of HideMyWaste said “Michael Zijlaard, Team Manager of the Roompot-Charles Cycling Team, asked if we could come up with a solution for collecting waste on the road. These are initiatives that we are totally happy to cooperate with.

“The container had to meet a number of requirements: it had to be light, compact, safe and practical, while offering enough space for the waste produced during a day out on the bike. We succeeded! And we are very proud of it. We designed and manufactured HideMyWaste here in The Netherlands, in Zwolle, to further emphasize the sustainable character of the project. The environment has also been taken into account in terms of packaging: no additional plastic has been used for our HideMyWaste pack.”

Roy Packbier from Amstel Gold Race added, “The Amstel Gold Race definitely welcomes this kind of initiative. That is why we have also entered into a partnership with CloseTheGap. The HideMyWaste fits in perfectly with our strategy to minimize the impact on the environment of this great event. For example, part of the Amstel Gold Race business teams will be riding this year with this innovative product.”

HideMyWaste specs:

  • Container for storing bar wrappers and empty gel wrappers
  • Quick to mount on top tube with adjustable rubber band
  • Foam rubber on the bottom to prevent damage to the frame
  • Aerodynamically shaped front
  • Doesn’t come in contact with riders’ legs and apparel
  • Press container principle: small size, lots of space
  • Waste enters through large filling opening, but does not come out
  • Safe to use
  • Made of 100% recycled materials
  • Lightweight: 28g
  • Dimensions: 47 x 80 x 39 mm
  • Suggested retail price: €12.95
  • Custom options (colour, logo) are possible



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