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Competitor Running rebrands to PodiumRunner


PodiumRunner is the ‘new name and attitude’ of Competitor Running. Led by Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Beverly and featuring ‘The Well’, a column of twice monthly themed article collections, PodiumRunner ‘transforms the Competitor Running brand with an updated approach to the training and racing content that America’s runners want.’

The new beta website is at podiumrunner.com; and the first of The Well collections features a close look at the Boston Marathon’s critical downhill running segments.

Growing from its roots as Competitor Magazine and Competitor Running, PodiumRunner is backed by a 30-year history of ‘serving committed athletes through deep connections to the experts and athletes who are devoted to the sport.’

In release from Podium Runner (PR) publisher, Pocket Outdoor Media, adds that ‘By giving voice to the proven and to the innovative, PodiumRunner is America’s leading resource for runners dedicated to achieving their personal best.’

In his welcome letter to readers, Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Beverly said “PR is all about deep dives into fascinating topics and exclusive insights into how featured runners are becoming their best. We won’t chase every trending fad. Instead, we will gather tested, practical, and innovative advice that works so runners can step up to their best running.”

Upcoming features in The Well:

  • The Downhills of Boston: Celebrating the Overlooked Descents of the World’s Oldest Marathon
  • Your Feet on Running: A Tootsie Manifestoe
  • Streaking Rules: At Least 1 Mile a Day. Never. Ever. Miss. A. Day.

PodiumRunner is part of Pocket Outdoor Media, a leading publisher in endurance sports. From web to print, podcast to social, the most active and influential consumers in cycling, triathlon, and running engaged with Pocket Outdoor Media content 311 million times last year.

Pocket’s brands include: VeloNews, ‘the authoritative voice of cycling’; Triathlete, ‘the world’s #1 triathlon resource’; Women’s Running, ‘the world’s largest running magazine for women’; Competitor.com, ‘the most trusted website for runners’; and VeloPress, ‘the world’s leading publisher of books on endurance sports’.

Pocket Outdoor Media is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and has an office in San Diego, California.



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