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Continuing into off-road: CeramicSpeed unveils OSPW X for Eagle


CeramicSpeed, the designer and manufacturer of high-quality ceramic bearings and associated premium cycling components, has announced its new Oversized Pulley Wheel X System compatible with SRAM Eagle mechanical and AXS electronic groupsets.

The new product introduction means Cross-Country, Trail and Enduro mountain bikers along with Gravel and Cyclocross riders running 12-speed SRAM Eagle – in both its mechanical and new AXS electronic formats – can now benefit from an OSPW X System.

The latest new product development follows on from the recent introduction of OSPW X for Shimano derailleurs (specifically Shimano RX800/805).

CeramicSpeed Bearings having a claimed lifetime three to five times longer than conventional bearings; and the new OSPW X for SRAM Eagle is backed by either a 4-year or a 6-year guarantee.

OSPW X for SRAM Eagle features a pair of oversized pulley wheels to reduce chain drag, with 14 teeth on the upper and 18 teeth on the lower. CeramicSpeed Bearings, hand built in Denmark, are installed in each pulley wheel.

The pulley wheels feature CeramicSpeed’s unique narrow-wide tooth profile that helps to ensure durable chain retention, positive location and optimum drive with every link of the chain, whether it’s an inner or an outer link. The company adds that this pattern has been tested to give the best shifting possible without any drag.

A custom designed, carbon fibre-reinforced PA (polyamide) pulley cage is durable and lightweight. Its compact design – 2mm shorter than the original SRAM Eagle cage – allows the use of the same length chain as stock pulleys.

OSPW X for SRAM Eagle has three spring tension settings to customise performance and maximise chain drag reduction, to suit every rider’s style, weight, power output and various racing and riding conditions – across XC, trail, enduro, gravel and CX. Testing shows claimed efficiency savings of up to 40% over a stock SRAM Eagle derailleur.

“The new OSPW X for SRAM Eagle is a significant move for CeramicSpeed further into the heart of the off-road cycling market and community,” said Martin Banke, CeramicSpeed Executive Vice President.

“It’s a new high-quality upgrade component made specially to enhance the performance of a major, popular system in XC, trail and enduro as well as CX and the rapidly growing gravel sector.”

Ludovic Dubau, SUNN Factory Racing Team Manager, added “For a high-level cross-country team, knowing that the maximum amount of the power our riders create is delivered to the rear tyre is vital. For all our riders across a year’s racing, the small but significant margins that we get from CeramicSpeed OSPW X is an important contribution and one that, now we’ve experienced training and racing with it, we wouldn’t be without.”

Options include Coated or Standard Ceramic Bearings, for both mechanical and AXS electronic SRAM Eagle with a choice of two colours in each configuration: black or gold (the gold offering being available in the coming weeks). The OSPW X Systems for SRAM Eagle Mechanical and AXS Electronic are available now.



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