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Covert Op stem and aerobar from Culprit Bicycles


Culprit Bicycles has released for pre-order its newest aero components under the Covert Op range. The company notes that it has found a way to bring its tooling cost down, and has unveiled a changed design for its Covert Op stem and aerobar.

The products are available for pre-order now via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Culprit points out that the Covert Op Stem is unique in that it can fit Di2, EPS and the new SRAM Blip box inside. This hides the cables from the wind and ‘pulls double duty of making your bike better looking and faster’.

The company cites wind tunnel data that indicates the new ‘stem is faster than traditional stems [as] exposed cables lead to excessive drag’. In a release, Culprit noes ‘this stem is the only option on the market to help with mechanical or electronic groupsets while allowing easy access to the cables and the ability to remove a handlebar for travel.’



The Covert Op Aerobar is a patent pending design that attaches directly to the stem. The aerobar has tilt from -5 to +20 degrees. This tilts both the extensions and arm pads together with a simple loosening and tightening of 1 bolt per side. Reach and stack numbers are near 4800 positions per stem size due to 0-80 mm of stack adjustment and extensive adjustments fore/aft or narrower or wider.



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