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Eisenhorn positioned as ‘daily strength training partner for endurance athletes’


Eisenhorn is a young Swiss company which produces an innovative training device for ‘people committed to a lifestyle in motion’. Based in Plaffeien, in the heart of the Fribourg Mountains, the company notes that triathletes, cyclists and other endurance sport athletes are increasingly making use of its innovative Wall Bar brand.

The Wall Bar forms part of an athlete’s everyday strength training routine. This Swiss-designed training device can be rotated 360 degrees and moved in height. It enables over 100 different exercises, to help create a demanding whole-body workout.

Taking up less than 2 square metres of floor space for 80% of the exercises, the Eisenhorn Wall Bar offers:

  • Full body workout
  • Smooth motion during concentric and eccentric movement
  • Easy handling: the patented resistance and position adjustment is ‘easy, fast and simple to handle in seconds which allows a quick change from one exercise to another’
  • A design that makes it possible to ‘mount the device as a decorative element in the living room’



Inventor and Eisenhorn founder Mike Schrag, said “As a 12-year old Swiss junior downhill skier, I realised that I had to build up a bit more strength and muscle. I knew that this would only be reachable with regular weight-training. Without further ado, I built my first own exercise machine from wood panels and steel pipes, and mounted it on a wall in my bedroom.

“From then on, I was able to practice whenever I wanted. I have always been a perfectionist and was not satisfied with the function of my first device. Therefore, I’ve been constantly building new equipment, sketching ideas and discarding them again.”

Eisenhorn sold its first devices in 2015. To support the product roll-out, the Swiss company has started working with a number of brand ambassadors. These range from professional duathletes and triathletes, such as:

  • Petra Eggenschwiler, Swiss Professional duathlete & triathlete, Long Distance World Duathlon Champion 2018
  • Monique Grossrieder, Swiss Professional Triathlete
  • Nina Brenn, European Middle Distance Duathlon Champion 2016

Other ambassadors include age group triathletes, alpine skiers and wheelchair athletes.

Dr Christian Larsen, Head of Spiral Dynamics at Medical Center Zurich said “This is the best innovation since the invention of strength training. I have had it in our medical centre in Zurich since 2015 and then also at my home. It is in continuous use by our patients and staff.”

Andy Sutz, Powerman Duathlon World Champion 2008 said “The training with the Eisenhorn can be optimally incorporated into my everyday life and thus saves me any travel. It is unbelievable how versatile the device can be. Especially the supportive muscles, that are not sufficiently trained during endurance training; these can be practiced very effectively.”



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