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Endurance sport for the masses: endurance sports TV launches global OTT channel


endurance sports TV, billed as the first-ever globally-available dedicated endurance sports channel, has launched on all platforms and app providers. The new OTT (over the top) TV channel is focused exclusively on endurance sports, allowing participants and fans instant access to event footage, documentaries and news.

Launch content includes a library of 120 videos of running, cycling, obstacle course racing, triathlon and adventure racing with more on the way.

UK-based endurance sports TV was founded by Peter Tomlinson, ‘former VP in a US$25bn business’, and endurance sports media exec, Paul Shanley. In a release the company noted that, ‘With a combined passion for endurance sports and a frustration with the lack of quality coverage available, endurance sports TV was created… Their vision is bold and simple, to create the home of endurance sports, a place to watch the best endurance sports content from all over the globe.’

Paul Shanley stated “The simple objective: connect film makers to the global market of over 80 million endurance sports participants and fans. The number of participants, fans and events has grown exponentially year on year but this has not yet been translated into increased airtime on terrestrial or payTV.”

endurance sports TV has already established an extensive catalogue of races and documentaries. “It is growing every week,” Peter Tomlinson added. “We have the OCR world championships, quite a few IRONMAN events and the Patagonman XTRI ,which is a great documentary.”

endurance sports TV now wants to connect with anyone creating high quality video content across the endurance sports spectrum, including race organisers, film producers and athlete representatives.



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