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Energy snack Trail Butter expanding into cycling segment


Trail Butter, a nut-based, spreadable, all-natural energy snack with a ‘loyal following among endurance runners’, is actively expanding into the cycling segment.

Founded by Jeff and Brad Boggess, Trail Butter came into being during one of Jeff’s renowned serial adventures, a global 8,600-mile, 10-month bike tour. With little space available in his panniers, Jeff melded bags and jars of nuts, honey, dried fruit and peanut butter and Trail Butter was born.

After setting up shop in Portland shortly thereafter, the Boggess brothers began selling their nut butter by bike at local farmer’s markets. While Trail Butter is now an internationally distributed snack food that was literally conceived on and then distributed by bike, it is still largely unknown in the cycling world with only a handful of bike IBDs currently stocking the product.

Co-founder Jeff Boggess believes the time is right for Trail Butter to make its mark in the bike industry pointing to the widening interest in bikepacking, adventure, gravel and off-road endurance riding. “This is type of riding I was doing when the idea came to me out of necessity,” Jeff Boggess said. “But how to pack and carry your food fuel – an essential part of preparation and survival for rides like the Dirty Kanza – is now about efficiency.”

Dense in calories, Trail Butter is positioned as balanced, slow-burning energy in a convenient, portable package, using only unprocessed, whole food ingredients. It can be eaten straight out of the package or pre-prepared in a tortilla with sliced bananas for example, and packed for on-the-ride energy sustaining fuel. Low in sugar, gluten-free, peanut-free, paleo and keto friendly, Trail Butter is a pre and post activity fuel.

“We’ve been selling the single servings and 4.5 oz Trail Butter pouches since 2015,” said Mitch Lomacz, Market Manager at CyclePathPDX in Portland. “Our MTB and gravel riders gravitate toward the dark chocolate and coffee flavour for something that’s more palatable and less alien than other goo-pack products on the market.”

Wes Grove, Sales Specialist at Absolute Bikes in Flagstaff, Arizona, which has also been carrying the product for a number of years, said he and his co-workers sandwich Trail Butter in between Honey Stinger or Gu StroopWaffles and recommend this combo to their customers.

And at Bike Therapy in Morgan Hill, California, owners Doug and Jodi Hall, started carrying Trail Butter in mid-October and count ten sales in 14 days, seen as ‘a solid turn-over when tossing something new at both staff and customers’. “Our entire team is excited to have Trail Butter in-store,” they said. “The flavours are great and it’s a refreshing change from gels and blocks. One of our staff members will be field testing when she takes a 4.5 oz pouch on her next bikepacking trip.”

Trail Butter comes in three flavours, Original Trail Mix, Maple & Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate & Coffee Nut. The company releases limited edition flavours throughout the year such as NW IPA in partnership with 10 Barrel Brewing, and its latest offering, seasonal Spiced Chai. The products are available in three different sizes: single serving 1.15 oz (US$1.99); 4.5 oz pouch (US$6.49); or a 16 oz jar (US$14.99).




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