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Eurobike Connect digital platform connecting the bike industry


A new online platform, Eurobike Connect, will be introduced at Eurobike 2019. The leading trade show is now enabling users to make and manage bike industry contacts, find and compare products and present their company 365 days a year.

Eurobike 2019, opens from 4-6 September to trade visitors for three business days and for all bike fans on the Eurobike Festival Day on Saturday, 7 September 2019.

“Gaining a clear market overview beyond the trade fair can be a complicated business,” explained Head of Eurobike, Stefan Reisinger. “With Eurobike Connect, we are offering a digital platform for all market participants to meet each other and communicate easier. As such, we are leading Eurobike and the industry into the digital future.”

When Eurobike Connect goes live in October, it will be the result of more than a year’s planning, preparation and implementation. The goal is to create the first business network for the bike and mobility industry. The challenge is to evolve from being a trade show organiser to… ‘a comprehensive industry intermediary and supersede Google as the main source of information and developing business connections.’

Together with the digital agency Scholz & Volkmer, which is responsible for the Eurobike Connect concept and implementation, the idea is to deliver a modern, specialised networking tool with intelligent search and supply functions, individual profiles and international bike contacts. The concept is based on research conducted with international bike industry experts, who were consulted regarding future challenges and requirements.

Eurobike added that…

‘This provided the criteria for the wide range of targeted search functions to be able to find products, companies, individual contacts and more with sophisticated filter options. A matching process produces the most relevant results. Businesses will be able to present themselves with their own easily maintainable company profiles to showcase their products and provide information.

‘This will ensure high-quality presentation – according to the degree of invested maintenance – and guarantee that they can be found and contacted. Eurobike Connect is not only aimed at exhibitors, who will automatically receive a free account for one year, but also for everyone who wants to be part of the international bike and mobility network. This also includes individuals, who can create a free personal profile.’

“Such a demanding product remains an interesting challenge beyond its launch – this applies to us too,” said Peter Post, Managing Director at Scholz & Volkmer, which was also responsible for implementing the new Eurobike website (eurobike.com) earlier this year.

“First, we aim to work together to win over users and then grow in a healthy manner with further features and finer search filters.”

Peter Post will be proving an initial insight into Eurobike Connect the day before the show starts during his presentation on the new digital industry platform at the ‘Bike Biz Revolution – Conference for Visionaries’.

The Eurobike Connect market launch is planned for October 2019. Interested parties who want to join the starting line-up can register early for a company profile to benefit from a 30% discount on an annual membership.



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