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European expansion: TriBike Transport becomes official partner of IRONMAN Europe


After 15+ years of serving North American triathletes, TriBike Transport (TBT) of Asheville, NC, has confirmed a new partnership with IRONMAN Europe and the team at Ship My Tri Bike. As a result, the company has confirmed the launch of TriBike Transport Europe (TBT Europe).

TBT Europe will bring the same ‘hassle-free, economical, unparalleled’ bike transport service to Europe that North American athletes have enjoyed since 2004.

Launched with the goal of reducing the stress triathletes face getting to a race, TBT pioneered fully-assembled bike transport for North American triathletes traveling to races throughout North America, Europe, and around the world. By establishing TBT Europe, the company notes that triathletes across Europe will now also be able to travel to races stress-free.

“For years we’ve heard from European-based athletes looking for a service like ours to ease their travel concerns,” said Marc Lauzon, Founder and President of TBT. “In 2018, we decided to test the waters. We partnered with some local companies and offered our fully-assembled service to key international IRONMAN races.

“Based on the success we saw in 2018, we reached out to IRONMAN to become the Official Bike Transport Partner for their European series – the same role we have had in North America since 2005.”

“With the new partnership in place, we reached out to the team at Ship My Tri Bike as well as Roberto Guerra, founder of TriBike Transport Mexico, about forming TBT Europe,” explained Taylor Essick, Senior Vice President of TriBike Transport. “Roberto already has many great connections in Spain and will manage all TBT activity there.

“Our partnership with Ship My Tri Bike will form the rest of TBT Europe by bringing our services to triathletes based in the United Kingdom and Ireland. By forming TBT Europe the way we have, we are able to bring our tried and tested systems into the market, and hit the ground running with great staff that have already been active in the market.”

“The team at Ship My Tri Bike are happy to be joining the TBT family,” commented David Sheridan, Managing Director of Ship My Tri Bike. “We have been really impressed with the work Marc and Taylor have done growing TBT. When they approached us about forming the UK and Ireland portion of TBT Europe, it was an easy decision.

“We are all looking forward to bringing the same level of service that North American triathletes have grown accustomed to into the European market. We will also continue our great relationship we have with Nirvana who provides their expertise in assisting athletes with their personal travel requirements for races.”

“TriBike Transport is one of IRONMAN’s longest standing partners,” said Peter Gallagher, Director of Global Partnerships – EMEA at IRONMAN. “We have been very impressed with how they have continued to grow and support the triathlon market over the years. When they approached us about launching TBT Europe, we knew this was a great way of extending our partnership to serve triathletes throughout Europe.”

“I was initially introduced to TBT back in 2010 when they first started serving IRONMAN Cozumel,” stated Roberto Guerra, founder of TriBike Transport Mexico. “I got to know Marc, Taylor and their team well over the next few years, and in 2016 when TBT decided to expand into Mexico and form TriBike Transport Mexico, it was a natural fit for us to work together.

“Now that TBT is expanding into Europe, I am pleased to be able to draw on my knowledge of the company and my experience in Spain and bring the TBT brand, and level of service to serve Spain-based triathletes.”

TBT’s Taylor Essick continued, “As part of the TBT Europe launch year activity, we will serve over 25 continental triathlons, including 16 IRONMAN races, highlighted by the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in Nice, France.

“Triathletes in the UK and Ireland will also be able to experience our signature overseas service when traveling to the 2019 IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.”

TBT founder Marc Lauzon concluded, “While TBT Europe will initially offer service to triathletes living in the UK, Ireland, and Spain, we have plans to continue growing to serve the entire European market. Globally, TBT’s goal is to offer our hassle-free, economical, unparalleled bike shipping service to every triathlete and cyclist racing, training, or riding abroad.”



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