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European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance unveils priorities for new European Commission


The priorities of the sports nutrition sector for the new mandate of the European Commission to ‘ensure a healthier and fitter future for European citizens’ have been unveiled by industry trade association, the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA).

With the new European Commission now fully operational since 1st December, ESSNA has launched a ‘comprehensive manifesto that outlines 8 priority areas for European policymakers to focus on in the next mandate.’

With a projected 45% increase in the number of people aged 65+ in the next 20 years, promoting good health is seen an integral part of the work the European institutions are undertaking for smart and inclusive growth. ESSNA adds that it has been working alongside European institutions since its launch to help Europeans improve their health, by ‘providing them with the right products to complement balanced diets and support active lifestyles.’

Each priority listed in the manifesto aims to send a clear message to policymakers on what should be done to support the transformation towards a healthier and fitter future. Alongside European policymakers, ESSNA adds that the sports nutrition industry wants to achieve:

  • Good health for an ageing population;
  • Sport and healthy diets at the core of the EU;
  • Safe products for healthy consumers; and
  • A fair business environment.

To achieve these targets, ESSNA calls on the new European policymakers to:

  • Acknowledge the dietary needs of sportspeople in food law
  • Facilitate consumer choice through accurate, informative and harmonised labelling
  • Promote efforts to tackle doping
  • Tackle food fraud & non-compliance online and offline
  • Support and promote innovation
  • Work towards a fair and fully harmonised single market
  • Ensure a fair and well-informed online environment
  • Move towards a greener sustainable sports industry

Dr Adam Carey, Chair of ESSNA said “The sports nutrition industry welcomes the appointment of the new European Commission College of Commissioners and looks forward to a fruitful cooperation in the coming five years. The sports nutrition industry has grown significantly in recent years and is no longer limited to athletes and bodybuilders.

“It has become mainstream and a lifestyle choice for the average individual. As such, it is the role of European policymakers to provide the right regulatory framework for European citizens so they can make informed choices about the products they purchase both in store and online.”




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