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Event firm goes Fullsteam with Racestak and Recoverystak sports nutrition


Endurance events company, Fullsteam has introduced two new sports nutrition products, Racestak pre-workout and Recoverystak post-workout drinks. The drinks were ‘developed from years of event and coaching experience to meet the demands of endurance athletes’.

Lee Brown, Director and Founder of Fullsteam said “Racestak and Recoverystak were born from years of experience as a triathlon coach and an endurance event organiser working with grass roots athletes. It was clear to me that there was a gap in the market for innovative high quality pre & post workout nutrition for endurance athletes.”

Racestak is positioned as a complete pre-workout formula. It was designed specifically to meet the demands of the modern day endurance athlete by enhancing performance and energy levels. A combination of carbohydrates and branch chain amino acids fuel the session ahead and then caffeine, beta alanine, acetyl L-carnitine, betaine & citrulline malate help improve performance.

Racestak, designed to be consumed 30-45 minutes before workout, is available in Summer Berry and Lemon & Lime flavours. The 1.35kg tubs offer 30 servings and are available via the Fullsteam website with free delivery for £39.99.

Recoverystak offers athletes post workout recovery for those looking to train again as soon as possible after exercise. Recoverystak’s 3:1 blend of carbohydrate to protein, 45g of carbohydrates and 17g of protein per serving, is designed to take maximum advantage of the 30-minute window post training to recharge muscles ready for the next workout.

The core recovery formula is supplemented by vitamin C to support the immune system, choline to metabolise fat and protect the liver alongside L-carnitine tartrate to aid muscle soreness.

Recoverystak is available in Cookies & Cream and Strawberry flavours. The 2.1kg tubs provide 30 servings for £35.00, including free delivery.

Fullsteam events 2019
Racestak and Recoverystak will be available to trial at Fullsteam’s 2019 events.

30 June – Go Tri Woking
28 July – Go Tri Woking
10 August – Castle to Coast Triathlon
11 August – Woking Triathlon
19 October – Windsor & Eton RunFest
9 November – Fortitude



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