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Evergreen Endurance Triathlon confirms Kora as title sponsor


Evergreen Endurance Triathlon, billed as one of the hardest one-day triathlon races in the world, has announced that ‘yak wool adventure apparel’ specialist, Kora, will serve as title sponsor. The 2019 Evergreen Endurance event will take place on September 14-15 in Chamonix, France.

Founded in 2016 by Bruno Lebeda, a Silver and Bronze World Championship Medal Winning Rower, IRONMAN triathlete and Alpine guide, the Evergreen Endurance triathlon was designed to be one of the ‘most difficult yet most beautiful and environmentally conscious events on the planet’.

The full course Evergreen Endurance, Evergreen 228, gains a significant 7,850m / 25,754ft of elevation. The event consists of a 4km (2.5 mile) Alpine lake swim; 190km (118 mile) bike on the high road passes made famous by the Tour de France; and finishes with a 42.1km (26.1 mile) mountain trail marathon.

In addition to the 228, the Evergreen 118 and Evergreen 58 off-road race options are also offered.

“We are thrilled to be supporting kindred spirits in the Evergreen Endurance Triathlon and could not have hoped for a more fitting choice for our first sponsored event: an epic adventure into mountains that, for triathletes, is arguably the ultimate test of body and mind,” said Michael Kleinwort, founder of Kora.

“Evergreen Endurance’s rigorous environmental stance – crafted by a deep respect for the mountains and nature – mirrors Kora’s values and purpose to protect the fragile ecosystem of the Himalayas. It is exactly for these sorts of adventures, in mountains like Chamonix-Mont Blanc that we make clothing. It inspires each piece of clothing we craft.”

By working directly with and guaranteeing purchase of wool from a cooperative of yak herding families on the Tibetan plateau, Kora supports a way of life and helps protect a fragile ecosystem. In parallel, from its inception, Evergreen Endurance has focused on hosting sustainable, environmentally friendly events.

Evergreen has a policy of low-carbon event management, developing an eco-plan for prolonged local action, providing athletes with a carbon measurement and offsetting system, and reallocating funds to local preservation organizations in the Chamonix Valley and beyond.

“We are extremely proud to announce the partnership between Evergreen Endurance and Kora,” said Evergreen Endurance founder Bruno Lebeda. “Since the inception of Evergreen Endurance, we have been searching for the right title partner that shares our values. With Kora, we’ve found a dynamic company that aligns perfectly with our mission.”

He continued, “Kora’s high‐performance yak wool clothing not only looks good but is also functional and efficient. I tested Kora’s range of clothes during the ski season, in various contexts and environments including walks in the wood with my dogs to racing the mighty Pierra Menta in some of the most dreadful conditions! I was extremely impressed by Kora’s performance and became an instant fan. We are convinced that all our Evergreen Endurance athletes and fans will absolutely love Kora clothing.”

Participants in the Evergreen Endurance will be able to meet the Kora team and test its products during the race weekend this September.

“We sincerely look forward to working with Kora,” added Bruno Lebeda. “Together, we can grow while continuing to affirm our values and commitments to the environment and making the world a better place.”



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