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Facial recognition: SportsPhotos.com ramps up race photography with Search by Selfie


SportsPhotos.com has launched what is being billed as a ground-breaking facial recognition technology. The company notes that it is poised to turn the endurance event photography industry on its head… ‘Search by Selfie’ eliminates the need for tedious tagging, ensures participants never miss a moment captured during their big event, and increases visibility for events.’

This new tool is available to event directors and athletes only on SportsPhotos.com. Participants in events that are utilizing SportsPhotos.com for their photography needs can simply upload a selfie. AI technology will the ‘find photos that users would have never found searching by bib number only’.

Search by Selfie is ‘not limited to close-up, perfectly angled photos’. Race participants can find pictures where they are far off in the distance, at various angles, partially obscured, and even when they appear amongst a sea of other athletes.

“Photos are typically the last touch point for a race and can make or break the event,” said Brandon Schatz, CEO of SportsPhotos.com. “Facial recognition eliminates the pain of customer service issues and the disappointment of a lost photo. We’re debuting Search by Selfie with the goal of elevating not just the photo claim experience, but the entire event experience for all.”

SportsPhotos.com adds that this is not the first time that it has sought to change the sports photography landscape. The company, based in Kansas City, has been aiming to set itself apart from competitors from the outset.

SportsPhotos.com works with events and sponsors to provide photos at no cost to participants, which can save athletes US$30 – US$150 in photo fees.

In a release, SportsPhotos.com noted that… Charging participants for photos is a dying business model as races and brands realize the value of professional photos being posted to social media. As well, SportsPhotos.com values high-quality photography. Photographers on the race course are professionals who have provided a portfolio for review. Once photos have been taken and uploaded, professional editors ensure only the highest quality shots are provided and make adjustments that bring focus to the participant captured.

Event directors interested in offering Search by Selfie to their participants can request more information online.



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