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Final Surge integration with COROS watches


Final Surge and COROS have released a direct data sync between the COROS app and the Final Surge online training and coaching platform. Athletes with a COROS GPS watch can enable this direct sync through the most updated version of the COROS iOS and Android app.

This data sync also includes new metrics captured by the COROS POD such as Running Power, Ground Contact Time, and Stride Length.

“We’re excited to offer this direct sync to our users and begin this partnership with COROS,” said Final Surge Co-Founder and CEO, Tim Surface. “COROS has an amazing range of products and are constantly advancing their technologies. We were happy to make this happen and give both our athletes and existing COROS athletes world-wide new options for planning and tracking their training.”

Lewis Wu, CEO of COROS added “We have been asked about the compatibility with Final Surge from our users for a long time, and we are excited to finally deliver this feature in the latest software update.

“Final Surge is a reputable platform for coaches and athletes. This new option enables COROS worldwide users to be able to track and plan their workout in the next level.”

To get started, COROS users can log into their COROS app, locate the new Final Surge link and choose to connect their account. After completing a workout and syncing to the COROS app, data such as GPS coordinates, heart rate, cadence, running power and more will automatically transfer to the athlete’s Final Surge account.

‘From there, athletes and coaches can analyze and adjust workouts, and continue to improve training based on the results.’

Final Surge is a team, club and athlete training & coaching log. It has previously won Triathlete Magazine’s Face Off for Best Online Training Log. The Final Surge Web app, plus iOS and Android mobile apps, track and analyze running, cycling and triathlon training. Features include: coach/athlete communication, planning future workouts, executing training plans, and monitoring effort and performance while avoiding injury.

Final Surge also imports workout and GPS data from other popular fitness devices.




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