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Final Surge powers up with Polar integration


Online training and coaching platform Final Surge has teamed up with Polar to launch a new training integration for performance athletes and coaches. From today, Final Surge athletes can link their Polar Flow accounts to their training log and ‘seamlessly synchronize workouts from Polar connected products’, including the newest multi-sport GPS watches Polar Vantage V and Vantage M.

“Final Surge has many Polar users in our platform, and we’re happy to be able to provide this direct integration for them,” said Final Surge Co-Founder, Tim Surface. “The new Polar Vantage V is the only watch on the market that records running power from the wrist without any other connected pods, and this is extremely exciting technology to be able to support. We have a large following of athletes who run with power, and this integration gives them even more options for recording it.”

“For years Polar has been providing professional and recreational athletes across the globe with reliable data that enables them to train smarter and more effectively,” said Tom Fowler, President of Polar US. “Final Surge’s training support and planning tools are a natural fit for our athletes who are working hard to meet their performance goals. We welcome them as a new partner to our vibrant community of global athletes.”

To get started, Polar users need to log into Polar Flow, go to settings, locate the new Final Surge link and choose to connect their account. After completing a workout and syncing to Polar Flow, data such as GPS coordinates, heart rate, cadence, running power and more will automatically transfer to the Polar athlete’s Final Surge account. From there, athletes and coaches can analyze and adjust workouts, and continue to improve training based on the results.



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